There changes in corporate direction. This is achieved

There are many wordpress websites available in market. Many of them are e-commerce websites which used as content management system by an admins. For this project, I need to convert statics website to dynamic website using wordpress content management tool. To manage products, various plugins like woocommerce, mailchimp, admin pods, etc should be used. At the end website should me well responsive on all types of devices.



The demand for e-commerce has increased rapidly, especially in the last four years. The primary reason for this is that the number of products available are less offline and customers may not get exciting offline offers. Thus, there is a need for the companies to filter people based on the additional skills and knowledge they have, which is where e-commerce comes into play. E-commerce is a great field with infinite potential. E-commerce has been trying for years now to complement the way we learn to make it more effective and measurable. The result now being that admins can manage products without gaining knowledge of website designing.



The ultimate aim of this project is to explore the field of e-commerce and create a platform where customers can purchase online products and improve on various skills like Aptitude, Marketing and Programming, among others. These activities can be incorporated into a learner’s daily routines. Unlike “traditional” e-commerce approaches, content management approach often tends towards push technology through push media, which reduces the cognitive load on the customers. E-commerce sales are growing steadily, and the CMS should provide further sales material to enhance the sales impact of the website. It should also complement current e-commerce infrastructure. The CMS should support the development of new products and services, as well as other changes in corporate direction. This is achieved by providing a rapid and efficient mechanism to update internal corporate information and resources.