There has been an explosive

There has been an explosive increase in the number of athletes
training in sports at the professional level in the past decade in India and
hence, it is important for sports organizations to explore methods to enhance
their performance so as to reach their potential. The importance of
psychological skills training (PST) in the enhancement of performance is widely
recognized. This paper attempts to make a review of the various techniques
involved in PST that a psychologist can use to improve the performance of the
athletes. For an athlete to attain and maintain peak performance, it is
critical that coaches, psychologists, and athletes work together in the process
of developing not only the athlete’s physiological aspects but also their
psychological state. Rapid review method was used to review literature. The literature
revealed self-skills, skills for personal development, life skills, arousal-regulation
skills, motivational skills and recovery skills as the most important skills to
develop for performance enhancement. The integration of passion maintenance, decision-making
strategies, pain management, associative attention and mindfulness techniques
are regarded as vital in meeting the athlete’s psychological demands. They are recommended
to be systematically integrated into the practice sessions of the athletes by