There Knighthood took shape in the wake

There are many reasons
that certain events happen in this world. One such event is the crusades in
which the Spanish fought the Muslims to get them out of Spain. There are many
reasons that this event happened, and I would like to look at what these events
were.  Some of these causes are The
Christianization of Knighthood, the rise of Apocalypticism, and The Gregorian
Reform Movement. These were all causes of the crusades and I believe that they
were such important events that shaped the future of Spain at the time. I
believe that these still play a factor in today’s society in one way or

The Christianization of
Knighthood took shape in the wake of the collapse of the Carolingian empire. It
started with a movement called “The Peace of God” movement. This movement mad
it to where any knight who robbed peasants, clergy, or from the church and
attacked unarmed clergyman would be excommunicated. As the news of this spread
many feared to be excommunicated so they followed the rules. Christian
symbolism in the first crusade was obvious. It was all around in authentic
relics and places as well as ownership of a symbol would play a big role in the
first crusade. Its crazy to see how many of the warriors and knights of the
first crusade believed heavily in the holy power of such relics which I believe
made them want to protect their land from the Muslims. The biggest example of
this symbolism is the Holy Lance (Spear of Longinus who was a Roman soldier who
pierced the side of Christ according the to the gospel of John) The
siege of Antioch was a yearlong attempt from to capture the city from the
Muslims inside as Antioch held an important place on the Middle Eastern coast
as well as symbolic importance dating well back to antiquity. in fact, devotion
even escalated further with the formation of the Christian Knight Orders, but
we won’t get into that as the rise of Christian orders did not take place
during or before the first crusade.

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Most of the thinking of
apocalypticism came from the book of revelation (the final book of the New
Testament). The book of revelations depicts the end of the world. Crusaders
became very worried about the end times and were very scared that one of them
could start a prophesied event that could bring the destruction of the world. Many
Europeans felt inspired to join the crusades because of the apocalyptic
thinking and they believed the end was near. Pilgrims joined the crusades
mainly because they wanted to be in Jerusalem when the events took place. Some
believed that if they went to Jerusalem they could set in motion the events of
the apocalypse. One of the key figures of the First Crusade, Peter the Hermit,
amassed thousands of enthusiastic followers throughout Germany and France by
preaching about imminent apocalyptic battles against evil and the coming of the
Last Days. (Dallas News) Christ says, “Immediately after the tribulation of
those days, the sun will be darkened, the moon will not give forth its light
and the stars will fall from Heaven”. (Matt 24:29)  Crusaders were to have said that they have
seen these signs in the sky during those times.



“The Gregorian Reforms
are a series of Church reforms that took place during the 11th and 12th
centuries. The reform movement arose out of a chaotic, morally-bankrupt Europe
that stemmed from the dissolution of the Carolingian Empire in the 9th century”.
(Dartmouth) The Gregorian reforms are named after Pope Gregory VII and had to
do with Pope Leo IX. There are three main reforms that pope Gregory put out and
those three are Clerical Celibacy, Simony, and Lay Investiture. Clerical
Celibacy was a lifestyle of a priest took on as to dedicate himself to the body
of Christ and was valued greatly because St. Paul practiced it himself. Simony
is the act of selling church offices. It was especially common In the Holy
Roman Empire where local leaders had more power than roman officials. Lay
Investiture is the act of a religious authority appointing a person in the
position or an office in the church. “Gregory VII encouraged the abandonment of
worldly desires and individual imitation of Christ through suffering”.
(Dartmouth) Many Christians embodied these ideals and went forward towards
joining the crusades. The Gregorian Reforms were one of the biggest influencers
in the origins of the crusades.

After all the events that
took place Spain had become one nation with its territory taken back from the
Muslim invaders. The crusades were an era of Christian re-conquest which led
Spain to become the nation it is today. The first crusade also led to the rise
of the first order or in other words The Knights Templar as well as the Order
of Solomon’s Temple which has played a big role in todays society especially in
entertainment such as movies and tv shows. These causes were the biggest
factors at play in the origins of the crusades and I believe that these can
still be seen in todays society in one way or another.