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There are many syndromes such as down syndrome, goodpasture’s syndrome, puppet syndrome, but a more specific syndrome is the alien hand syndrome. AHS(Alien Hand Syndrome) is when The victims limbs move without their control. The interesting part of this syndrome is how the organism can’t control their parts, so what is controlling them?Is it a neuron sending wrong messages?Simply is someone trying to control you?I wonder why and what makes this limb move on its own.More specifically the syndrome is more likely activated with there has been an injury and surgery to the brain.The limb that is more likely to more on its own is the left hand but not always, sometimes it can be the right hand, the right leg, or the left leg. This syndrome is a rare disorder that was identified in 1908.In 1908,German neurologist and psychiatrist Kurt Goldstein, encountered a women saying that she had no control over her left hand.Although, Kurt Goldstein was the first to record the syndrome,he had trouble looking for a treatment to help the women. The women was fifty-seven years old, when her hand was moving on its own, in her words,”will of its own”.Fifty-seven year old wasn’t the only record to be recorded. There have been 40 to 50 case of AHS, since the first recorded. The last recorded was of a 77 year old with chronic atrial fibrillation.Chronic atrial fibrillation is when there is heart disease, coronary artery disease, diabetes, etc. AHS is occured not just with Chronic atrial fibrillation, it is also caused by having an injury to the brain, surgery to the brain, infection or trauma to the brain or a stroke.An obvious way to know if you have the syndrome is if one of your hands won’t let go of an object, even when you don’t want it to grasp the object.The hand or limb that is affected by the syndrome is stronger than the limb that isn’t affected. This is why it’s hard for the victim to control the limb, even when it’s going to attack. If you ask:does Alien Hand Syndrome have a cure, well, it doesn’t because there isn’t way to get rid of it. The only thing closer to cure is a treatment. Some options are therapists, pharmacologist, botulinum toxin and neuromuscular blocking agents. One other way that victims get there limb to stop is by giving it a verbal command to stop, it sometimes works for the victim. In some other cases they put there hand between their legs, they sit on their hand, or the use the other hand to force it to stop. They do tests on the victims, such as MRI’s and Motor Localizers. In conclusion, AHS(also known as Alien Hand Syndrome)is a rare disorder that makes its victims limbs move voluntarily on its own.This rare disorder has only been recorded from 1908, to the last case, in 1987. The syndrome is caused by surgery to the brain, infection or trauma to the brain.There isn’t a cure but there are treatments to help control alien hand syndromes. Sometimes people just are focused to sit on their “alien” limb or are forced to hold it down with their other hand.The syndrome is more interesting to how the brain is damaged and causes it to move on its own. The syndrome isn’t just called Alien Hand Syndrome, it’s also called Anarchic Hand, alien limb.