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There are several mental illness connected to suicide.

Eating disorder can be categorized into various forms, this type of mental illness is linked to disturbing eating behavior and excessive concern by personal weight and size, also peons suffering from eating disorder have big concern for food.Eating disorder could be a problem in either sexes and does not matter what the age of the individual is. Eating disorder happen to people without them knowing or intentionally putting themselves into it, it can also be viewed as a medical condition that affect the organs of the body and general body size and weight.It is the responsibility of the support worker to be able to identify this mental illness before it escalates to suicide.In order to support and guide people working with at risk persons, the following are facts, signs and symptoms of Eating disorder:Eating disorder can be difficult to detect as it could be complex, this mental illness could be caused by some or all  of cultural, background, environmental, psychological and could also be hereditary in the genes.People with eating disorder can also be seen to exhibit high body weight which does not correspond to their age and this is known as Obesity.People suffering from eating disorder also exhibit some signs that cannot go unnoticed, some of these are:- The person becomes too interested in food and very conscious of their body shape and size, there can also be inconsistency in body weight over a short period of time.- The person sees food as a medium to manage stress, depression, boredom and any emotional situation.- The person can also be seen to doing excessive exercise just because of the obsession for their body size and weight, this could also be in a way to achieve a particular muscular shape.- Behaving in secretive way when it comes to food and the person also feels uncomfortable eating in public or social gatherings.Eating disorder can be categorized into various forms and its important to know the categories so as to be able to decipher the main illness affecting persons at risk of suicide and administer the correct recovery plan.Persons suffering from a eating disorder where the person eats a lot of food in one sitting or in a short period of time is said to be suffering from BINGE EATING DISORDER, victims feel helpless and unable to control how much they consume.Another category of eating disorder is when someone eats a lot of food and then tries quickly to take out the food from their system by inducing vomiting or doing excessive exercise, this is called BULIMIA NERVOSA.People suffering from ANOREXIA NERVOSA tries hard to control the amount of food they consume and also involve in self-punishment by not eating well, extremely low body weight and medical issues is a major symptom.There are several treatment or recovery options for people with eating disorder, it is important to discover eating disorder on time as this helps to reduce the recovery time, persons with this mental illness might be required to be admitted to the hospital and be cared for by psychologists, dietitians and general practitioners.