Thesis: a layer and other political figures

Thesis: Business leaders were captains of industry also well as robber barons with their entrepreneurial skill and tactics produced economic growth, but the expansion of captains of industry were better off much better for the American economy/society.  The Civil War during and after did not slow the United States Industrial Revolution but rather helped it usher into what is now modern America. The North mainly undergo an expansion of new factories and business. New equipment for labor helped the North advance economically. Captains of Industry were business people that were mainly focused on personal gain but that constructed the country. This increased the efficiency of jobs and technology. People such us Jay Cook from Philadelphia took financial risks in the hope of profit from fiance and accomplished so much that it boosted the economic growth. Charles Crocker from California also constructs to the mass production that helped build the railroads. These men helped cultivated the American System with the use of interchangeable parts and that it practical to replace a skilled labor with a not so skilled labor (520). Machines allowed untrained works to work since it was easier to operate a machine and it was also much cheaper. Inventions such as the telephone expanded communication into unbelievable levels it allowed for much-uncomplicated business transactions.However, these people were also robber barons because they were businessmen that engage in monopolistic practices. Andrew Carnegie one of the many businessmen in the 19th century that had an enormous amount of wealth abused his power and his workers. He was among the many men that paid their workers low wages along with having horrific working conditions working long hours with little pay. These men had political influence and held exclusive control of the trade in service over certain industries (532). John Jacob Astor and William A. Clark among other were known to have paid off a layer and other political figures to implies to their demands. Even though these men were horrible robber barons they also helped produced economic growth. These men accomplished multiple inventions and helped the entrepreneurial skill and tactics. They were great thinkers and although they had there downside they provided too much to the American economy not to acknowledge their hard work. For example, Andrew Carnegie builds an empire on his industry of steel that transformed cities and build railroads. He was a philanthropist that lowed his cost of steel mills making them favored more easily.