Thirsty For Thirty Essay

You know that this isn’t your shining moment in health. That your mother would beam from ear to ear if she heard you mastered her famous recipe. You owe it to yourself to treat your body better and that means shoving off the excuses and getting real. These are the 16 reasons why you should get in your kitchen right now and learn how to cook. 1 . Your mom won’t always be there don’t care how old or young you are, if you’re still eating through the drivethru every night, because you’re not convinced that mommy will just make you something next time you see her, you need to get real with ourself.

Your mom won’t always cook for you. Cooking will allow you to become independent from what others are cooking for you and to gain some life skills along the way. B5E 12-5-19 10:17 PM B5 12-5-19 10:18 PM B5 12-5-19 10:20 PM B5E 12-5-19 10:22 PM it„[4]: ( ) 2. Your spouse/partner/whoever you’re dating/roommate isn’t always going to want to cook for you So mom won’t always be there… neither will other people. There will come a time in your life when you’ll be alone, and cooking for yourself becomes one of those necessary things that you’ll have to take up.

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Learning to do it now will nly make getting through those times a bit easier. 3. Cooking is not as difficult as many people think Many people tend to think that cooking is some sort of art form that they’ll never be able to master. It certainly can be an art form if you want it to be, but for most of us, it’s about practicality and getting delicious and healthy foods on our table so that we can eat a few good meals each day. Art aside, we all just want to feel good about what we put in our bodies and have it taste good going down.

All you need to learn about cooking is a few of the basics and it will drastically change your lifestyle. B5 12-5-19 1108 PM (practical ) B5 12-5-19 11:08 PM B5E 12-5-19 11:09 PM 4. Cooking is and can be really fun This might come as a shock… but once you learn how to cook a few things, its almost like a drug: you’ll want to learn how to cook more and more! Once you gain the knowledge of knowing a few of the basics in the kitchen, everything else will start opening itself up to you and will seem even easier to pick up. You just have to get the ball rolling. IS]5 12-5-19 11:09 PM 65B B5 12-5-19 11:13 PM ;tt 5.

You’ll save money Everyone is looking to save a few bucks here and there, but not many of us ealize that a huge chunk of change goes to our food choices every week or month. If you really think about it, the amount you spend on food is one of the very few monthly costs that you have complete control over. Wouldn’t IS]5 12-5-19 11:14 PM B5 12-5-19 11:15 PM 5 you like to start saving a little each month to go on that trip you’ve been dreaming about? Or buy a new gadget that you’ve been eyeing? The more meals you prepare at home, the faster your wallet will grow. IS]5 12-5-19 11:19 PM 6. You’ll lose weight Sounds a little crazy, right?

Even if you eat the same amount offood at home s you eat when you go to restaurants or through takeout, you’ll easily lose weight because the amount of fat and calories consumed at home through homemade meals is always significantly less than anything you could grab on your way home from work. 7. You’ll attract the opposite sex Men love a woman that can cook. Women love a man that can cook. Whoever you’re trying to get will be over the moon if you create a homemade meal for them. I can think of no greater aphrodisiac than seeing my husband in the kitchen making me dinner – ask any other woman and bet theyd say the same!

B5 12-5-19 11:21 PM B5 12-5-19 1124 PM 8. It’s just as fast as going to the drive-thru In my weak and tireless moments where I’m daydreaming of a burger and fries, I think about the amount Of time it will take me to get there and back and it’s usually no more than about 15 or 20 minutes round trip. If you have your panty and fridge stocked well, there will likely be at least a few options sitting in your cupboards available for you to craft something up in just as much time, and for about the same amount of effort as it would be to get to your car, get to the restaurant, and get home. l‰]5 12-5-19 11:27 PM

B5 12-5-19 11:28 PM 9. You’ll feel empowered and confident Once you learn some basic cooking skills, many recipes will open up to you and seem so simple. It only takes a few tries to get down some skills and recipes, and you’ll be whipping out meals in no time. Quick preparation plus quick and satisfying results equals massive boosts in confidence and feeling good about yourself and your abilities. B5E 12-7-19 10:15 AM 10. You’ll encourage others to develop similar habits (and you could start cooking together) When your friends or family start seeing you developing your cooking skills nd habits, you’ll rub off on them in a good way!

Thefll be impressed with the meals you’re creating and want to start joining in on the fun. What better way to spend an evening or a weekend than with friends hanging out, teaching each other a thing or two around the kitchen, and eating amazing homemade food. It beats spending a ton of money at a restaurant for a few bites and a glass of wine. B5 12-5-19 11:31 PM 11 . You can control the ingredients that are in your food As I mentioned, you can lose weight while cooking at home, and the main reason for this is because you know what ingredients are going in.

You can hand select each tomato that goes into your sauce and know how much fat 6 was added to each bite that you’ll consume. We have no idea what the ingredients look like when we’re eating out at a restaurant, we see it and consume it, never stopping to wonder about quality or freshness. 12. It encourages creativity Once you develop a few skills and try out a few recipes, you’ll start embracing the creativity that cooking has to offer. You’ll start seeing recipes as guidelines instead of as rule books and start mixing up the flavors that you’re creating.

You’ll begin to think of an ingredient as an option instead of a necessity. As an example, you can see a recipe for black bean burgers and learn to translate it into any kind of a bean burger, as well as alter the flavors in the recipe to compliment the different kinds of beans that you add. You may even find yourself daydreaming of flavor combinations or your next dinner party menu… you’d be surprised what a little cooking and eating can do for your creative juices! B5 12-5-19 11:32 PM IS]5 12-5-19 11:34 PM 13. It can help you unwind Cooking can help to ease stress and unwind for the day.

Chopping vegetables (carefully) is a good way to release some tension, while stirring a pot of soup or sauce mindlessly allows you to drift away your worries of the day. It sounds silly, but its true. Go make some soup and stare off into space – it’s a nice release of the day. B5 12-5-19 11:40 PM ;tt [21 B5 12-5-19 11:41 PM B5E 12-5-19 11:42 PM 14. It’s easier than counting calories If you’re cooking meals for yourself and controlling the ingredients, dieting and counting calories becomes that much easier, if not completely unnecessary.

If you’re using fresh ingredients that don’t contain a lot of extra at, calories, or salt, you’re already doing yourself a favor and won’t have to spend that extra hour at the gym working them off. Sounds like a win-win to [24]: 12-5-19 11:45 PM 15. You can prepare for your future It’s an absolute guarantee that in your future, you’ll need to know how to cook at least a few things, even it’s one breakfast dish or one dinner dish. Whoever you marry, date, or live with will expect you to help out with the cooking once in a while, so why not start now?

If you have kids in your future (or have them now), you know that you’ll be in the kitchen spending time getting meals ogether, so picking up a few basic cooking skills will definitely help prepare you for that. 16. Homemade meals just taste better Eating homemade meals taste a million times better than anything that comes in a wrapper, box, or bag. I promise. You will never have a flavor you can’t identify and can feel good about each and every bite you take, because you created it Taking the time to create homemade meals will always result in fruitful rewards. ttp://kitchencou rses. com/16-reasons-you-should-learn-to-cook-foryourself/ 12-5-19 1146 PM [26]: (wrap) 7 1. 2 6 Reasons to Learn a Foreign Language www. lifeorganizers. om Foreign languages open doors to opportunities – whether you’re in a distant land, hoping to broaden your mind, or even looking for a date. Studies show those who know a foreign language earn more and are happier than those who don’t. Learning a foreign language is naturally a process that require effort and time, much or less, depending on the capability of an individual.

Current technology makes learning a second language more flexible and easier. You can learn at anywhere you like, in your car while trapped in traffic jam, while waiting for commuter to arrive or fishing at Lake Garden, by means of many ypes of medium such as cassette, CD and the Internet, such as at www. malaylanguage. mypositivemoney. com where you will find a good resource of foreign language. Below are just a few reasons why you should learn another language: 1 .

Most significant yet simple reason – Eliminate the language barrier that you may face, easier for you to deal with other people when you go traveling or having work at other country. Majority of native people probably do not know to speak English fluently or do not know how to speak English at all, so knowing some key phrases will help you a lot. Moreover, you will want to now what people around you are talking about while you shopping, waiting for taxi, or having dinner at a restaurant. 2.

Local people tend to be friendlier with you since you speak same language with them. You also can get friend easily, which in return can help you greatly in dealing with certain troubles that you may encounter, and you might not know how to deal with, such as problem related with customary law. Locals also will believe you more than people who cannot speak their language, isnt it very important when you are in travel? 3. Knowing a foreign language really help when you are lost in a remote area here hardly you can find people who can speak English except local language. 4.

Giving you chances to understand the exotic local traditions and way of living easier and deeper. This priceless experience is absolutely an opportunity not be missed for anyone who love to travel. You can share beautiful moment having fun with locals in occasion and understand the meaning behind it, which in the same time, give you knowledge. apple 13-1-18 8:55 PM 8 5. Improve your memory skill resulting from activity of reading, learning and memorizing. Open up your mind to be more acceptable to other people’s differences. Your thinking will be more maturely and sensibly. . This is reality, guys: According to Kwintessential, people who learn a foreign language are wealthier, happier and are regarded sexier than those who can speak only English. From a survey conducted in Britain involving 270 dating agencies, the result shows that people who speak or learn a foreign language are more attractive, intelligent and sexier to the opposite sex. Hopefully some of the reasons above will give you some ideas on how important to learn additional language. Continuous learning for life leads to success and wisdom. http://www. ifeorganizers. om/cm_articles/107_7_reasons_to_learn_a_forei gn_language_402. html By Sam Morgan , Hollywood. com Staff I Wednesday, November 17, 2010 Despite attaining nearly universal acclaim, some people just refuse to give Harry Potter a chance. Those people are not your friends and direct eye contact should be avoided, but if you insist on hanging with them and really want to turn them on to the Wizarding World, here is some ammunition for that argument: B5 12-5-20 12:04 AM B5E 12-5-21 5:21 PM It’s A Good Story Plain and simple, the books tell a great story.

It’s epic, especially for a hildren’s series, but it’s not terribly long. The lasting popularity proves that kids will stick around if the story is good enough and it obviously is. I mean, if they can play video games for thirty hours a day then they can sit and read through a 700 page novel. IS]5 12-5-20 12:06 AM Also the story is fantasy, but it’s easily digestible fantasy. The made up stuff in J. K. Rowling’s world of magic isn’t all that complicated and it seems almost plausible at times.

She bases it on a practical notion of what magic would really be like, though it seems the Wizarding World somehow got stuck in the ate 1800s (of course you could argue that in the world of Harry Potter, the Wizarding World advanced right along with the Muggle world until the early 20th century when Muggles benefited from scientific advancement which the B5 12-5-20 1208 AM [31 1: B5 12-5-21 5:21 PM B5 12-5-20 1212 AM [33]: 9 Wizarding World didn’t need, but holy crap that got way too nerdy, skip that part).

B5E 12-5-20 12:13 AM [34]: Emma Watson The movies are good, but they just can’t compete with the novels. They are great visual spectacles and capture the essence of the story (you couldn’t apture the whole story unless each movie were ran twenty hours) But holy damn, they gave us Emma Watson and for that, we should all be thankful. B5 12-5-20 12:15 AM Big Investment = Big Reward The series is an investment.