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This paper explores the reaction of me playing
a game, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, that I had never played before and learning
all the new tricks that it takes to play and open world video game. I will be
talking about the different ways that it takes to start the game and what is
needed when picking out a new player. Also exploring the nice features of
letting you create and personalize you’re playing options. Using resources from
the internet on the game I have picked up great skills and shortcuts that help
progress my gaming experience. This paper also exams the different types of
communities that are helping anyone who is new to the game and trying to
understand what are the best ways to interact with the characters in the game.

It also helps that these communities are still active today and are always
there when a new guy needs to learn the ropes. Join me as I explain in detail
how this game works and how it has changed the way I think of ordinary games
like this one.

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World Experience

Elder Scrolls V:
Skyrim is an open world, role playing action packed video game developed by
Bethesda Games Studio (

A software company that has created many astonishing games such as The Evil
Within, Dishonored, Doom, and four series of Fallout. Elder Scrolls is the
fifth in its series, going off the previous game, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

The game takes place in a world called Skyrim, it’s an ancient world where
dragons are returning after being defeated by man over a century ago. You start
as the character Dragonborn, he’s the hero destined to defeat Alduin, the main
dragon raining terror in your world. At the beginning of the game you’re
transported to a village called Helgon as a rebel prisoner about to be
executed. However, your name doesn’t appear on the list of prisoners and the
Imperial Captain asks you your name.

At this point you’re
able to select from various characters, letting you choose race, appearance,
and a name. All the characters are several variations of modified human beings,
elves, animal based races, and even reptilian creatures. You’re able to
customize your characters height, personality, and facial features in any way
you want. Giving you the freedom to customize your own specific character
allows you to gain more experience points making the game much more realistic
and personalized for you. Once your character had been made Alduin unexpectedly
shows up before you’re executed and starts destroying the village. You flee the
village to a town called Whiterun to get help. After you receive some new gear
you head to a another city, called the GreyBreads where a different dragon is
causing chaos and the only to defeat him to absorb the dragons soul to obtain
more experience points. By gaining all these experience points to learn you’ll  be able to be one the strongest players in
the game, concluding, that your quest officially starts in search for Alduin to
become the ultimate hero. .

Most video games
these days don’t have that same customizing option for your character’s
appearance at all. The game is truly exciting and fast paced, you’re able to
explore anywhere and do anything you want. They’re many castles to takeover,
dragons to fight, and dungeons to explore. Numerous weapons such as swords,
daggers, magical spells, axes, and crossbows are at your disposal to defeat all
the enemies you encounter on your journeys through Skyrim. You can learn so
much from playing the game but there is another resource of information if ever

The Elders Scrolls
community is still active and being used every day by new gamers wanting to
know the secrets and quick shortcuts to help make journeys a little more easier
to understand. Main websites such as Reddit, Twitter, and the Steam Community,
a truly fan based website used more often than Reddit. You can see through this
link (

You’re able to see exactly how many people are playing the game and read the
post they make about the game. On Reddit there are rules when joining the
discussion page, like no slurs, memes or rage comics, piracy, spoiler tags for
spoilers, and sexually explicit material.

By reading, I learned
new ways to help myself pick the characters best suited for me. Helped with
modifying weapons, villages, and characters along the way. I chose this game
because I never played anything like this in my life. I was never a fan of games
that require you to go on quests to build, sell, or destroy certain things that
you were appointed to. You could spend hundreds of hours locked into the
stories that the game provides. With Skyrim I felt that all the stuff that was
happening was just for me and I know if I talk to someone else about it they
will have their own story and it’ll be different but both exciting and
something worth talking about. It was a new world experience playing this game
and I can’t wait for the new adventures that lie ahead.