This Blessed House Essay

In “This Blessed House,” it is slightly different. Sanjeev and Twinkle is a married Indian couple. Can you tell already which one in the couple is somewhat assimilated into the American culture? They had bought their first home together as a newlywed couple. As time goes on into the story, Sanjveev realizes that Twinkle is not in touch with her Indian heritage as much as he wants her to be. This is all brought on by Christian statues and replicas found in the new home (American Short Stories, 750).”‘We’re not Christian,’ Sanjeev said (750). ” With this said, it could be noticed that Sanjeev was actually annoyed.

We do not really know, or learn, if he is actually annoyed by the faith itself or the fact that Twinkle is so fascinated by the findings in their new home. Twinkle thinks that this is fascinating and a “treasure hunt (759). ” “Yes! Everyday is like a treasure hunt. It’s too good.

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God only knows what else we’ll find, no pun intended (759). ” What Sanjeev doesn’t realize is that Twinkle is not trying to convert or taking the religion seriously.This was something interesting to her because she has never been around it. In the end, they have a house warming and invite a few of their friends and family over.

Sanjeev is busy trying to impress and entertain company, and Twinkle is letting them know of the “treasure hunt. ” Sanjeev feels his last irritation when his company leaves him to go with Twinkle to find more “treasure. ” They find a life-size replica of Christ (761). This is when Sanjeev realizes that he has to give in.

He can no longer fight Twinkle. “He hated it as much as he knew Twinkle love it (761). “