This decimated manufacturing sector, looted the US

This essay will focus on the themes of the liberal class and the permanent war. Liberalism is what makes the state morally legit. It gives people a chance to voice what their conscious is thinking. It allows society to show that it is filled with noble people who fight for what they believe is civil. The point that Hedges makes is that these people have been bought off to stay silenced. Due to this, there are many people in the middle and working class who suffer to make a living. When it comes to the them permanent war, it is exactly what it means. We are in a permanent war with race, money, government, liberalism, economy, and those in power. Certain corporations profit from this permanent war which need us to be afraid. Fear stops us from objecting to government spending on a bloated military. Fear means we won’t ask questions of those in power.Ernest Bell is a representation of the disillusioned and underemployed white working class guy. Hedges tells the story of this man who got out of the Marine Corps and went back to Texas for a John McCain event. He claims that he did not unerstand why the military needed all these troops all around the world defending freedom when we he was actually engaged in nation buidling and supporting special interests that drive these wars was something he began to understand. He claims that there is no differnce between the two political parties and that there is a “false ;eft and a false right paradigm”. This diverts the working class from the real reasons of their hardships. Hedges mentions Bell because he makes a point that there is a disillusionment with both the left and the right and this dawing reality on the part of people like bell felt left behind and worse. Then hedges observes that bells emotions “spring from the failure of the liberal class over the past three decades”. Corporations dismantled the democratic state, decimated manufacturing sector, looted the US treasury, weighted wages, and waged imperial wars that cant bre afforded nor won and gutted the basic laws that protected the interests of ordinary citizens. Hedges seems to lay the blame on corporate power. In reality its the liberal classes fault with the interaction with corporate power. Hedges quickly takes a trip on mentions  inttelectual history on classical liberalism. He says that the liberal era that reflected that kind of liberalism came to and end with ww1. The war shattered the inevitability of human progress. Ww1 and ww2 had a huge efffect on american psyche and american liberalism. These two wars and cold war and the way americans dealt with those things led to such a distortion of liberalism that we set poru selfs op. Hedges goes off about fury and disgusts on the liberal class and how it used to be this sizabl class who kept things sane and stable and pushed back against interest in capitalism became too powrful or when the paranoia against the enemy got too strong but it stops at a certain point. He talks about it in the book but he condenses it here. Fear permets the governments to operate in secret. Fear mean we are willing to give up our rights and liberties for promises of security. Fear ensures that the corporations that wrecked the country cannot be challenged. In a state of conflict people are afraid and fear tends to mean that people put themselves in the hands of those who say “we could protect you and we know how to do that so we need your cooperation”. Liberal class can no longer influence a society in a state of permanent war and retreats to its sheltered enclaves. Institutional churches which support whatever the conflict is eventually find a way to get on the bandwagon for war in defense to patriotism . In times of permanent conflict the churches and other institutions produce this fear and point to solution which is to support government even if it means curtailing our liberties and freedoms. That is like fascism. Back then fascism was used as a figurative language because there were no fascists running around but now there is. Now we see this is Hedges blaming those who are facist but he’s also blaming liberal class for creating the conditions in which this emerges. Next he mentions inverted totalitarianism by quoting Sheldon Wolin. Which represents the political coming of age of corporate power and the political demobilization of the citizenry. Inverted totalitarianism differs from classical totalitarianism which revolve around a demagogue or leader. Wolins ideas ties in with liberal class people who have been forgotten men and women. Corporate power means that corporations in society have taken over the political power once held by the citizenry and created the conditions in which people can be exploited into no jobs or low wage jobs. Corporations think in a way of, we do whatever it takes to be as efficient as possible and profitable to shareholders even if we move it over seas and hire immigrant labor. Result of working class american is unemployment and underemployment. This is being told by people who are paid by the government or corporations like politicians, media people, and people in hollywood. They say that the problem is something other than economy, that it is immigrants and extremist from east.  Hedges says this is not the problem, it’s like a game of look over here while i’m doing this over here where you can’t see. He doesn’t like media because they play into diversion tactics inverted totalitarianism. People diverted by entertainment and news. American workers have been betrayed by new global economy which is run by corporations. Media has largely not gone against it but aid it. The U.S. is lucky no charismatic character has risen, if someone comes along who is honest this country is in trouble bc of the frustration and justified anger and absent of no coherent response. What if someone says we have an enemy? In Germany it was jews and here it will be immigrants/blacks. We will be told white males are persecuted minorities we will be told we have to defend ourselves in the honor of our nations. Military force will be used and people will get beaten. It will be more dangerous than Germany. None of this is far away. Chomsky says anger is justified because even though whites are persecuted minority the reason he mentions it is because that story helps get them riled up so they do what they’re told and follow new party plan. Liberal class is supposed to give answers but they’re feeding to people’s fear and trying to keep eyes off true problem which has gutted the economy.