This has helped to meet his needs

This shows an understanding
that we practitioners need to ensure that we base all planning around the children’s
individual needs as they learn from what it directed towards their direction.

In my setting, I have
observed that we practitioners emphasize the importance of care routines as it
helps the children develop a sense of independence and stability. We set out a
timetable with one or two changes each day so that if certain parts of the day
remain familiar, they can cope with new experiences. Every day we begin with
asking the children what needs to be done throughout the day and remind them
the important hygiene that needs to be followed

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E.g. some children when
finished using the toilet may forget to wash their hand each time so it is our
responsibility to explain to them simply the importance of this routine so that
they can start to independently follow these routine care needs. Through this
observation, I found out that a daily routine throughout the nursery has helped
to meet his needs better, therefore we have worked in partnership with parents
and encouraged them to continue these routines at so that they adapt both
physically and emotionally to a daily pattern.

This experience showed
us that anyone looking after children should be able to adapt to their needs,
which will change from day to day. Therefore, we need to be flexible and
prepared to adapt or even abandon the activity to enable children to initiate
their own play. However, we as practitioners have also taken into consideration
that some babies and children may need to have individual care plans while they
are in care. This is because they have specific needs of which all staff but
importantly the key worker will need to be aware. It is important that we
practitioners will need to importantly work in partnership with parents and carers
to ensure that the care and routines are consistent.

We believe routines
around mealtimes and bedtimes can very useful in helping babies and toddlers to
adapt physically and emotionally to a daily patter, which suits both them and
those caring for them. Also, that it is important that children have their
rights to privacy respected when having their care needs met.