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documentA in a manner that isA syntactically distinguishableA from the text. The thought and nomenclature evolved from the taging up of manuscripts, i.e. , the alteration instructions by editors, traditionally written with a bluish pencil on writers ‘ manuscripts. Markup instructs the package exposing the text to transport out appropriate actions, but is omitted from the version of the text that is displayed to users.

Some markup linguistic communications, such asA HTML, have pre-definedA presentation semantics, intending that their specification prescribes how the structured informations are to be presented ; others, such as XML, do non.

Hypertext markup language

HTMLA is short forA HyperText Markup LanguageA and is a linguistic communication used to make electronic paperss, particularly pages on the World Wide Web that contains connexions called hyperlinks to other pages. Every web page you see on the Internet, including this one contains HTML codification that helps format and demo text and images in an easy to read format. Without HTML a browser would non cognize how to arrange a page and would merely expose field text with no arranging that contained no links. Below is an illustration of a basicA web pageA in HTML codification.The sentence structure for hypertext markup language is shown below& lt ; html lang= ” nut ” & gt ; & lt ; caput & gt ;& lt ; title & gt ; Example page & lt ; /title & gt ;& lt ; /head & gt ;& lt ; organic structure & gt ;& lt ; h1 & gt ; This is a header & lt ; /h1 & gt ;& lt ; p & gt ; This is an illustration of a basic HTML page. & lt ; /p & gt ;& lt ; /body & gt ; & lt ; /html & gt ;


Short for extensile Markup Language, XML is a specification developed by W3C get downing with the recommendation on February 10, 1998.

( )XML is similar to HTML in that XML uses Tags to markup a papers, leting a browser to construe the tickets and expose them on a page. However, unlike HTML, XML linguistic communication is limitless and allows self-defining tickets.Difference between HTML and XMLHTML is an abbreviation forA HyperText Markup languageAwhile XML stands forA extensile Markup Language.TheA differencesA are as follows: -HTML was designedA to expose informations which focus on how informations looksA while XML was designed to be a package and hardware independent tool used toA conveyance and shop informations, with focal point on what information is.HTML is aA markup languageA itself while XML providesA a model for specifying markup linguistic communications.

HTML is aA presentation languageA while XML isA neither a programming linguistic communication nor a presentation linguistic communication.HTML isA instance insensitiveA while XML isA instance sensitive.HTML isA used for planing a web-pageA to be rendered on the client side while XML is used fundamentally toA conveyance dataA between the application and the database.HTML has itA ain predefined tagsA while what makes XML flexible is thatA usage tagsA can be defined and the tickets are invented by the writer of the XML papers.

HTML isA non strictA if the user does non utilize theA shutting tagsA but XML makes itA mandatoryA for the user the close each ticket that has been used.HTML doesA non continue white spaceA while XMLA does.HTML is about exposing informations, henceA staticA but XML is about transporting information, henceA moral force.

Undertaking 2

What is your understanding about web authoring tools? Explore characteristics of any two web authoring tools

Web authoring tools are used to make web content, and cover a broad scope of package plans. The plans include wordA processors desktop publication plans, web page builders, website direction systems and HTML editors. Any package plan that can be used to make content that can be uploaded and viewed on the Internet or intranet web systems is considered a web authoring tool.

Features of two web authoring tools

The two web authoring tools I will depict are

Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe originative suite

Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe DreamweaverA is aA proprietaryA web developmentA applicationA developed by Adobe Systems.A Dreamweaver is a really normally used web authoring tool. It can be used for about everything such as JSP, XHTML, HTML, PHP and XML development. Adobe Dreamweaver is a really popular pick among professional web developersFeaturesDreamweaver, likeA other HTML editors, editsA filesA locally so uploads them to the distant web waiter usingA FTP, A SFTP, orWebDAV.

Dreamweaver CS4 now supports theA Subversion ( SVN ) A version control system.Graphic Interface for planing web sitesLike other popular Web design package, Dreamweaver provides an easy to utilize Graphical user interface to assist construct different pages of a web site. With Dreamweaver, a web interior decorator can plan a web site by dragging and dropping objects as opposed to holding to code it from abrasion. Dreamweaver offers a WISYWIG method for web design. WYSIWIG refers to ‘What you see is what you get ‘ .

It is a common nomenclature in package design used normally to depict package in which content displayed during redacting appears about indistinguishable to the concluding end product. This makes the web design procedure easier and more efficient as you are able to see the terminal consequence while redacting the web-page.Can be used by Web Designers every bit good as non-technical usersDreamweaver has many built in characteristics that make it comparatively easy to plan a professional corporate or personal web site. It is popular with both, professional web interior decorators every bit good as non proficient users with limited web design and development experience. It makes it possible to plan a web site without holding to code any portion of it. This has besides made Dreamweaver popular among non proficient users. Although usage of advanced characteristics will necessitate some web design accomplishments and experience, basic characteristics can be utilised merely with the aid of self-thought tutorials easy available with the package and available on the cyberspace.Database CapabilitiesAdvanced web design package such as Dreamweaver is every bit effectual for planing inactive HTML websites every bit good for planing dynamic database driven web sites.

Dreamweaver works every bit good for planing database driven web sites.Support for CSS, JavaScript and XMLAdvance support for managing JavaScript, Ajax and Xml is another ground behind the success of recent versions of Dreamweaver. Ajax is a popular new engineering that is used widely in development of modern web sites.

It combines JavaScript, CSS and XML to update website content without necessitating a new page or reloading of the page. The new Dreamweaver CS series includes built in support for managing new web design approaches including Ajax. This has proved for experient web developers and interior decorators who are able to use the latest engineerings in planing web sites.Dreamweaver includes professional support for managing CSS Styles. The constitutional CSS Panel makes it easy for a web interior decorator to make and redact manner sheets.Group WorkingDreamweaver besides offers Group working capablenesss.

This can turn out peculiarly utile for a Web Design Company or a Team of web interior decorators. It allows a interior decorator to ‘Lock ‘ a page to forestall other squad members from overwriting or redacting the same portion of the web page. The notes characteristic of Dreamweaver on the other manus allows web interior decorators to maintain a note of their alterations.Built in FTPDreamweaver has built-in FTP package that allows web interior decorators to pull off the completed files on waiter with easiness. Traditionally a Web Design Company or a web developer would utilize different package tools for planing a web site and for updating files on the waiter. Dreamweaver makes this easier by uniting FTP capablenesss into its design package.

B ) Adobe Creative suite

Adobe originative suite is another of import web authoring tool. Its merchandises include WYSIWYG ( what you see is what you get ) , text web page editor, artworks package, picture package and more. Adobe Creative Suite has assorted different versions which all suit to net developers. There are many characteristics which increase the dependability of an authoring tool but some of the most of import characteristics of Adobe originative suit are listed below.HTML validatorWithout a built in validator the interior decorator can non compose a valid codification which means the interior decorator ca n’t be certain what he/she s authorship is traveling to work.

HTML validator is a really of import characteristic in originative Suite, nevertheless many text editors do n’t include a HTML validator e.g. pugilist text editor and ruby editorCSS and Accessibility validatorsIf a web editor does non hold CSS and Accessibility validators its possible the incorrect codification codification could be written or be unaccessible. This characteristic in Creative Suite is new and tonss of web editors do n’t hold this characteristic.New filter panel for fast file choiceBridges let you clear the jumble and concentrate on what is critical by supplying direct entree to the of import information about the undertaking filesEnhanced prevue panel for convenient screeningQuickly display an image in a full-screen prevue panel and utilize the new loupe tool in rapid climb in and inspect inside informations. It displays images side by side in the prevue panel for easy comparingCombines files into tonssSimplifies and concentrate position of assets by uniting files into tonss. Stacks compress multiple images into a individual thumbnail with a individual chink and spread out them once more merely as easy.Advanced compositingMaking an outstanding image frequently means fall ining the best characteristics of legion versions of that image.

New tools in Photoshop CS3 make this common undertaking faster and easier. Auto assign beds command rapidly analyse inside informations and moves rotates or wrap beds to aline them absolutelyEnhanced control panelKeep tools at fingertips and free up screen existent estate by accessing anchor-point controls, niping masks, envelop deformations and more from the context sensitive control panel.Colour cryptography and ticket completionColour cryptography is really of import when working on the text editor. Colour cryptography is used to see what you are composing.

unrecorded coloring material duologue box provides tools for dynamically using colorss to artwork

Undertaking 3

What features are of import to see when choosing any web authoring tool

All web editors have either a text editor to redact the HTML tickets or wysiwyg editor to redact the pages visually. The chief of import characteristics are

HTML Validator

It ‘s non possible to compose a valid codification if the editor does n’t hold a built in validator and it ‘s non certain that everything will travel good. Several text editors do non include an html validator such as pugilist and ruby editor

CSS and Accessibility validators

CSS and Accessibility validators are used so that the codifications are non written wrongly. If a web editor does non hold CSS and handiness validators it is possible that errors could be made in the codification authorship or unaccessible pages, this is a new characteristic

Colour cryptography and ticket completion

Colour cryptography is of import when working on the text editor. Colour cryptography is used to see what s being written. Tag completion is used to acquire the right attributes and mae sure the interior decorator is composing the right spelling of a ticket.

FTP, FTPs, and site director

Once the web page is created it needs to be sent to net hosting supplier. Ftp built into the editor makes it easier.

Good web editors include some type of site director that can upload multiple of files, compare unrecorded files to the files on desktop, and maintain the site up-to day of the month automatically. FTP ‘s should be used because of security concerns.

Version control

Version controls allows cheque in and check-out procedure files. This makes it simple to rectify the mistakes rapidly and work as a squad on undertaking

Search and replace

There are merely some editors that do non hold some signifier of hunt and replace, but legion do non let for hunt and replace across multiple files. The best editors enable the hunt and replace across all unfastened files, all files in a directory, or even all files in a project/site.