This is a persuasive about saying no to smoking Essay

Does it not shock you that these tobacco companies are giving us a warning? Do not know why kids think smoking is cool. Maybe they think it makes them look more like an adult or they do it because their friends are doing it, but that is not a very good reason to kill themselves, is it? Smoking is the cause of many deaths around the world. Smoking causes diseases such as lung cancer, lip, mouth, and tongue cancer, and heart attack. Smoking can ruin all your hopes and your dreams.

Have you ever seen a commercial for cigarettes? You have to admit that the people in that commercial do look like they are having fun. Did you notice that they never show you an “after photo”? The reason is that those people are ugly now that their bodies have had too many puffs. As General George Washington said, “Every puff is like a taste of death”. Even if you just take a little puff, you still can get very ill. That is why you should never start to smoke because once you start you will not be able to stop.

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If you are considering smoking, just remember beer it does not just costs two dollars a pack. It will also cost you your health and maybe even your life. Why should we never start smoking? Even a three year old should know that!! 77 percent of people who smoke do it out of stress and peer pressure, but that is not an excuse! Well, they will get plenty of relaxation if they keep smoking because they will be dead!! Just because friends and family members smoke, that does not mean we have to!!! M saying this for your health and mine because addiction to smoking asses crime, major mood swings, lies, and the feeling that you need more and more cigarettes. If you choose to smoke, you will have bad breath, your clothes will smell, you will have yellow teeth, lung cancer, and a nasty cough. People die every day from lung cancer; one cause of it is smoking.