This after going to America transformed herself

paper explores JumphaLahiri’s “THE LOWLAND” from cross-cultural or culture mix
point of view. JumphaLahiri is one of the greatest Indian women novelists who
have expressed the immigrant experiences in alien soil through their
protagonists. And this paper analyses how the woman protagonist finds embraces
the new culture despite the conflict with the new environment. The findings
unfold the world of immigrants and new perspective on   the author’s treatment of nostalgia,
rootlessness, pain and loss met by the characters in the novel, “The Low land”.
The term ‘Acculturation’ means ‘cultural modification of an individual group,
or people by adapting to or borrowing traits from another culture’. In other
words it means simply adjusting and adapting oneself to the conditions

is an Indian – American who was born as NilanjanaSudeshnaLahiri on London on
July 11, 1967. She moved to the United States when she was two and lived in
Rhode Island where the novel “The Lowland” is set. It is a multi – generational
tale that stretches almost five decades set in Tollygunge and Rhode Island.
JhumpaLahiri in this novel deals with migration, dislocation and relocation,
the consequences of displacements and cross cultural encounters.

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“The Lowland”, Subhash migrated to the U.S. and encountered many new things
which influenced his lifestyle. Subhash was only aware of the joint family
system in India, and was shocked when he came to know that, there was no one to
help Holly. Gauri after going to America transformed herself in to an American.
She presented herself a best example of acculturation of an immigrant. Quite
contrastive are the two characters, Subhash is experiencing a sort of culture
shock and struggles to cope with the new environment whereas Gauri is ably
adjusting and adopting to the new circumstances and becomes acculturated. The
paper analyses the changing attitudes of two prime characters in the novel ‘The
Lowland’ by JumpaLahiri.