This memorandum highlights the activities undertaken by

memorandum highlights the activities undertaken by our company that is environmentally
unfriendly and a proposed cost saving plan associated with such activity.


degradation of the environment has led the to the emergence of environmental
protection in recent times. 

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in the process of carrying out their activities engage in activities that are
detrimental to the environment. Hence, the need for organizations to be
environmentally responsible.


said this, I will like to bring to the notice of the management practices by
our firm that are environmental unfriendly and in turn increasing the running
cost of the firm.

over reliance on paper in carrying out certain day to day activities in the
firm is alarming.  Due to our historic
voluminous paper consumption, we need to put serious effort and measures in
place to ensure the safety of the environment and also to reduce the operating
cost to a reasonable extent.

introduce to you “Project Go Green” a structural initiative plan on how our
firm can reduce operating cost by lowering resources and paper wastages with
the view to foster environmental sustainability whilst maintaining a strong competiveness
and organizational growth.  

usual office employee in our firm uses over 20,000 sheets of paper every year.  And a considerable amount of these paper
printed out ends up being disposed of. It has been established from our
financials that paper purchase constitutes 23.2% of our operating cost yearly. And
there is continual increase in the demand for paper from year to year thereby
leading to increase in operating cost. With the “Project Go Green” in view to
reduce cost and save money for the firm we encourage our firm to “Reduce”, “Reuse”
and “Recycle” paper.


hereby highlight a number of practices which could help reduce the usage of
paper in our organization


on both sides of the paper should be encouraged if there is ever a need to

should be sent by email rather than local postage.

our paper filing system with digital information storage system.

paper should be deposited in the recycle bin to be provided by the firm.

Set a
time frame in which to achieve this goal and continually educate employee of
the importance of the plan.

paper consumption in order to document the success of the plan


conclusion, adopting a less paper dependent organization approach will not only
reduce cost but also help build our corporate image as a socially responsible
entity. I hope you give this proposal your kind and careful consideration.