This and OABC format (Opening, Agenda, Beginning, and

This course BIS 605 Communication in professional contexts has helped me to improve my writing skills. Writing skills are play an important role one’s career. This course has made me prepared for my career as I am able to convey the intended message in form of writing. I got exposed to various forms of writing like American Psychological Association (APA) and OABC format (Opening, Agenda, Beginning, and closing). I strongly believe no one is perfect. There is always scope for improvement. It is critically important to learn from mistakes. I am going to conduct a self-analysis of my writing. In addition to that, I will explain the changes I have made in my writing citing examples from my essays.

One of the more common mistakes I used to make is Capitalization. The example 1 is taken from my internal proposal. Example 1: There are Prons and cons of providing work from home option. In this sentence, I have used capital letter “P” which could have been avoided. Mentioning agenda in the first paragraph would help the reader to understand the purpose of writing. I have learned the effective usage of punctuation. From the feedback, I have learned to include citation to specific webpage as it is important to give credit to the original writer. In addition to that, readers can also get a chance to gain more knowledge on a topic in case if they need any reference.

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Going to writing center has helped me to understand the usage of fourteen punctuation marks like parentheses, exclamation point, period, question mark, apostrophe, comma, semicolon, colon, brackets, braces, quotation marks, hyphen, dash and ellipsis. I have started using comma before any coordinating conjunction. I’m able to write clearly and concisely so that the reader understands my intended message. In writing center, I have clearly understood the difference between semicolon and comma. In addition to that, it becomes easy for the reader to read the essay. Mentioning agenda in the opening section will help the reader to remember the content. When concluding essays, I started writing with “In conclusion” as it is a good word to start the conclusion. In writing center, I have learned various ways to start the conclusion. Some of the expressions are finally, in the end, to sum up, in brief, finally, in the end. In the conclusion section I started writing the summary of the message with strong and logical reasoning.

It is very important to get feedback on writing. It is part of the writing process. I have improved my writing skills. My writing is more structured and organized. Now I am using OABC format (Opening, Agenda, Beginning, and closing) in my memo’s. It helps me to structure and write essays easily. My memo looks more ordered. Timely feedback on essays helped me identify my strengths and weakness. It also helps us to improve as a writer.