This report examines various ways Essay

Executive Summary

This Report examines assorted ways of carry oning concern with the Indians and how to continue with a first meeting.Five countries of concern etiquette are considered when trying to make concern in India: Greeting, Attire, Giving gifts, Business pattern and Entertainment.All five of the countries in concern etiquette are of import and must be dealt in professional and gracious mode.It is concluded that, concern etiquette in India is far most of import procedure when making concern in India.

The Indian opposite number must experience comfy and be able to swear your offer of spread outing concern in Mumbai Hypercity.It is recommended, to guarantee that your concern card

1.0 Introduction

Indian environment is different to an Australian environment. It ‘s different and can non be compared to any other states. Conducting concern in India is a top precedence and is seen as a hard and drawn-out procedure ( Manian, 2007 ) . The study chief intent is to give you a usher of utile information about Indian concern and ways of been successful. Topics that will covered are salutations, concern garb, giving gifts, concern pattern and amusements followed by some recommendations to help with the meeting procedure in order to accomplish a successful concern trade with Mr Singh.


1 Aim of the study

The purpose of the study is to steer Ms Sienna Chen on Indian concern etiquette and stairss she can utilize to do a favorable first feeling when she visits Mumbai to run into with Mr Singh. To supply research grounded recommendations for turn toing these guidelines.

1.2 Scope of the study and background information

This study consists of background information about India civilization and concern etiquette that is required. These stairss are fulfilled to accomplish a successful result in an Indian concern meeting. The study contains figure of stairss in Indian concern etiquette, communicating with Indian employees, carry oning concern with Indians, how to come on with the first meeting with Mr Singh and traverse cultural communicating. Other subjects such as household and non concern related issues in India are non considered.

2.0 Business Etiquette

2.1 Greetings

Greeting Mr Singh in a traditional Indian manner is “ Namaste ” ( Joshi, 1997 ) . Greeting Mr Singh with Namaste shows him that you have familiar with the Indian civilization and have accepted it. In a concern meeting it is recommended by Joshi that, “ a steadfast handshaking is most appropriate ” ( Joshi 1997, 74 ) . A manus shingle from a westerner to an Indian is non considered impolite.

Be a certain that most Indians will give you steadfast handshake ( Manian, 2007 ) . You may interchange your concern card in the initial meeting but it is non necessary ( Bullis, 1998 ) .


2 Attire

Westerners have found that concern garb in India is chiefly suits, shirts and ties. Business garb in India is seen to be traditional. When run intoing Mr Singh, it is advisable non to expose excessively much thorax or leg ( Manian, 2007 ) . Womans can have on suits, frocks, long length skirts and blouses. Bright coloured vesture is preferred by Indians ( Bullis, 1998 ) . Collared shirt with formal pants with places that are closed are acceptable in meetings and shows respect in when first meet Mr Singh ( Manian, 2007 ) . However it is preferred that bright colorss. Try to avoid wrinkled apparels as Indians dislike it.

You may be requested to Mr Singh ‘s office or a edifice in which the suites may necessitate you to hold your places removed. This is a mark of regard in which it shows that the shoe is outside, maintaining the soil from coming indoors ( Manian, 2007 ) . Harmonizing to Manian, “ has its beginning in maintaining the outside soil ” .

2.3 Giving Gifts

Since this is your first clip meeting with Mr Singh, it is strongly suggested that conveying a gift that is at the same degree of your relationship with Mr Singh.

A suggested gift would be good quality fountain pen, expensive spirits such as Cognac or a high quality cloth from Australia ( Bullis, 1998 ) . Indian will utilize the cloth to hold suits made for them and it is besides a good experience for the seamster in covering with a good quality cloth ( Bullis, 1998 ) . Harmonizing to Manian, “ Indians appreciate a gift that ‘s typical of the givers state ” ( Manian 2007, 265 ) .

2.4 Business Practice

In first meeting, Begin with subjects that relate to the Bombay Stock Exchange advancement and concern conditions.

“ Try to avoid concern visits during major vacation periods ” ( Bullis 1998, 211 ) . Indians tend to get tardily in the forenoons due to household duties. Try to organize meeting in the late afternoon.

2.5 Entertainments

Harmonizing to Bullis, “ Dinners are the preferable repast for concern socialization, although concern tiffins are acceptable ( Bullis 1998, 208 ) . It is suggested that you dine in eating houses that been referred to by a opposite number.

Show your involvement in Indian reliable culinary art ( Bullis, 1998 ) . When holding dinner with Mr Singh, besides try to ask for “ others from the same company ” ( Bullis 1998, 208 ) . Harmonizing to Prayag, “ it ‘s better to waive your Indian gustatory sensation buds and quaff down bland nutrient and wholly avoid adding the spices ( Prayag, 1999 ) . Always offer to pay for concern dinner in which it is seen as you are demoing honor. This can alter the temper and convey a successful result for you. Avoid telling intoxicant or nutrient incorporating meat as this may pique Mr Singh.

5.0 Decision

Overall the study has stated some of the chief things you will hold to meet when making concern in India. Manians research of Indian concern etiquette can help to accomplish a successful meeting. First you must retrieve that India is different from Australia and secondly understanding your opposite number ‘s civilization. Is the most of import facet in order for your concern to spread out in Mumbai ‘s Hypercity market.

6.0 Recommendations