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This film focuses on genetic lineages traced back through the analyses of mitochondrial DNA. Mitochondrial DNA is passed on from the mother to all her children, as it is only the egg cell that contains mitochondria. This explains the reference to Eve being the proverbial mother of all people. DNA undergoes random mutations at a certain rate and by analyzing the DNA from distinct populations around the world, they can establish the age of “tribes” and how they relate to each other. It is through this technology that the Out of Africa hypothesis has now been accepted by scientists. Important genetic markers point toward the Real Eve playing a thought-provoking role in human origin and evolution.

The Real Eve is the story of how people who originated from Africa are traced back. The spread of humankind and the rest of population that follows is graphically demonstrated by reconstructed scenes from long. What caused humans to evolve into different races with unique characteristics was the adaptations to the different climates. Leading scientists explain how the evidence found through this mitochondrial DNA analyses links with archaeological finds along the route. The theory of Real Eve is of “unparalleled” importance to sociologists, because it means that social organization, psychology, social ecology and many other factors should be studied from different angles.

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Aside from being lengthy and a bit over-dramatized with graphic reconstructions, I found the film to be very thought provoking. This is all a hypothesis; therefore, it should be stated as one and not sold as the truth. Evidence that was recently found does support said thesis. However, the how, when and which route was taken by the first humans to inhabit the world is still theoretical. The Y chromosomal DNA analysis compared to that of the mitochondrial DNA which shows difference time scales and routes suggest that the truth is still out there.

In my opinion, Eve’s role in human evolution is the most important one. Her ability to survive has allowed her descendants, like her daughters, to travel across the globe and secure the future of the human race. The film remains educational and captivating, it emphasizes the interconnectedness of all people. This knowledge gained after watching this film will hopefully create a better understanding and tolerance between the different races and nations.

In general, I agree with the Out of Africa idea, which states that the human race originated from a single mother from Africa then out to the world. Although I am a bit skeptic about the way they spread out. An unbroken chain links us to our past, and to each other, all sharing the same genetic inheritance, from our ancestral Eve. By the end of the movie, the narrator tells us that perhaps, that is the most important message we should carry into the future. I was a good film to watch to get another understanding about evolution and cultures.