This have revealed that pervious concrete is

This review paper presents a
comprehensive summary regarding the effect on different physical properties and
the use of pervious concrete for the infiltration of water in to the ground.

It will help for the future research
progress in this field. Although it has been found that the mechanical and
durability performance of pervious concrete are generally inferior to
conventional concrete. In the recent years many studies have revealed that pervious
concrete is gaining wide spread attention day by day to be used as sustainable
material in urban development; however, to use pervious concrete as a pavement
material, its quality and properties need to be characterized very precisely as
the quality  has a significant influence
on the performance of pervious pavement.

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In India, its use is limited and limited
knowledge and experimental research is available in literature. Thus, more
focused research needs to be conducted in this area for the efficient use of pervious
concrete as a paving material. Some of the future research aspects are listed as



·       Long term behavior (mechanical and
durability performance) of pervious concrete is not well known. Thus more
research needs to be conducted in this area.

·       Long term behavior and modification of
microstructure with or without the addition mineral admixture needs to be
studied. Nano scale study of ITZ should be studied.

·       Durability and maintenance of pervious
concrete needs to be assessed both from material and structural aspects.

·       Limited knowledge on the use of pervious
concrete in other concrete such as geopolymer concrete and precast concrete.

·       Proper modeling relationship should be
established between compressive strength, split tensile strength and flexural

·       Practical problems with application of pervious
concrete needs to be investigated as most of the studies being carried out are
confined to laboratory conditions

·       Optimal mix proportioning is to be
formulated and proper mix design procedure has to be established.

·       Numerical modeling on the behavior of pervious
concrete is to be investigated for better understanding.

·       Moreover, a lack of reliable
information on corrosion behavior of pervious concrete has to be established.