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Thomas Jefferson, slave owner of Sarah Hemings, nicknamed Sally, were believed to be the father of Sally’s children, but all evidence points otherwise. Nonetheless evidence from DNA, personal family, and published novels have all come together to contradict if Hemings and Jefferson ever did truly have a more personal relationship.Jefferson inherited Sally and 135 other slaves when his father-in-law, John Wayles, had died. So Sally was a slave for Thomas, and nothing more. Sally was not a mistress, she was property. Jefferson was not one to partake into this type of action simply because it would literally ruin his social status, which is very important to have as president. No one could come to respect a president who had an intimate relationship with his slave. Nonetheless, Thomas was not one to waste his time on silly nonsense. An online documentary states, “On September 1802, political journalist James T. Callender, a disaffected former ally of Jefferson, wrote in a Richmond newspaper that Jefferson had for many years ‘kept, as his concubine, one of his own slaves.’ ‘Her name is Sally,’ Callender continued, adding that Jefferson had ‘several children’ by her.” (Carew) In this quote it clearly shows that James Martinez 2was not a fan of Jefferson. So why would he feel the need to publish anything other than an article that could potentially ruin his social status. What would make him want to say anything that makes him seem like a good candidate for presidency? This Sally and Jefferson love fest was all a stupid rumor thrown out of proportion. And even though Jefferson refused to make any private or public comments on this account, his daughter, Martha, privately denied the published reports and many years later two of his other children stated “that such a liaison was not possible, on both moral and practical grounds.” (Carew) Not only morally wrongful because of social status but simply because they were 30 years apart! Either way Thomas was not one to be willing to ruin his moral or social status over a slave. What would be known of a president who sleeps with his slaves? Jefferson was not going to take the risk of finding out.Jefferson always failed to mention his secret lover. Sally was truly fancy to Jefferson why is there no mention of he in the thousands of letters he wrote? Thomas never addressed her or this “problem” in any of his letters. Many have come to say that Sally’s oldest son has said to resemble Thomas, and the child was named Tom, but they have come to the conclusion that the father of Sally’s children were Jefferson’s nephews, Peter and Samuel Carr, hence why they believed they shared a close resemblance of Jefferson.                                                                                                                                                   Maritnez 3And even though people have come to believe that Jefferson freed Sally, this is not true. Jefferson, back in Paris, offered to free Martha’s brothers and sons. Sally was not actually able to leave to Monticello until after Jefferson’s death, and she was finally freed by Martha’s daughter.    Thomas is known for “covering up” some things in this account, but who exactly he is coving up for is the question that hangs dry. Further research has emerged to show that DNA testing of Sally’s children is from a Jefferson relative and not a descendant of the Carrs. Therefore Jefferson’s cover up with his nephews being the father of Sally’s children is shown to be false.So the question remains, who was Jefferson covering up for? Jefferson was also very demanding of Sally’s presence as if he was a jealous husband. When Jefferson and Sally were in Paris Sally came across that Paris’ rules regulated that she was not a slave or belonging to Jefferson. Therefore when Jefferson asked for them to go home she refused. But Jefferson begged her to come back and even offered to free her brothers when they returned. Why was Jefferson so desperate to have her with him? Was she simply an amazing slave or was intimacy involved? Many questions linger in the air as to who Sally was and who her children belonged to.The theory continues, was Sally a fond lover of Jefferson, or was this a silly little game for everyone? The question remains to be unanswered. It is on simply based off your own Martinez 4beliefs. Every evidence we have come to found has been contraindicated one way or another by new emerging evidence. What other crazy secret relationships have yet to be discovered? Who knows maybe you are a descendent of a president