Those winter sundays Essay

The speaker uses stylistic devices to acknowledge how hard his father works t o make his life comfortable.

The father gets up early on Sundays to the ” bluebells cold of the house.The father sacrifices his warmth in the painfully cold temperature conveying that tot only is it an emotional sacrifice but also a physical sacrifice that the speaker did not paper cite. The speaker uses ” got up” and ” put his clothes on ” to describe his father, but uses the woo reds “rise” and ” dress for himself.

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The way his father gets ready is colloquial while the way he gets r dead is sophisticated. This diction reveals that the speaker is pampered by his hard working father.Every Sunday, the day of rest, the speaker’s father diligently “drivels] ” the cool Danes out of the house. He wants to make sure his son is comfortable, even if it means that h e is uncomfortable, emphasizing the fathers sacrifice. It is not until later in the speaker’s life that he realized what his father gave up to ensure he was living easily, and feels regretful that he did d not pay his father the homage he deserved.