Three Years Left, Will Mdgs Be Achieved? Essay

Decade has been passed since the MDGs created. It is just less than three years we will face 2015 whereas the target of MDGs should be achieved but the main question, how far the progress in reaching MDGs? Is it possible to achieve MDGs in 2015? At September 2000, 193 country becoming member of United Nations and the world leaders have agreed to make Millennium Development Goals which should be achieved in 2015 where the idea behind making MDGs is to support and push up the development of poorest country in the world.More than decade after the MDGs agreed, some progress has been shown over the country in the world. There is significant discrepancy in the progress of MDGs. In example, based on the data extremely poverty falls in china from 60% in 1990 to 13% in 2008 whereas in Sub-Saharan Africa from 56% in 1990 to 47%, the target is cutting by halve from 1990 which is 34%, in 2008.

The statistic showed that the achievement of MDGs is inequality for each country.Some countries have shown no significant achievement while the others have got some. Also, the developing countries will get the impact due to the multiple crisis happened 2008.

Because of that there is slow grown in some goals at MDGs, such the reduction of maternal death. However, the solution for accomplishing MDGs is not only the matter of financial. Indeed, cannot be doubted that financial is important factor but how the implemented policies and the result are crucial for achieving MDGs in 2015.By creating the efficient and effective policies in their own country (Such measles immunization in Bangladesh, to press down the children mortality).

The conclusion, being realistic, some goals in MDGs may not be achieved in 2015 due to the limited time and the slow progress. But the others should be appreciated because has met the target before the deadline it is and regardless to the deadline, each country should do maximally to reach the goals because MDGs is a milestone for the next action in the future. Let us strive the best to reach MDGs!