Throughout 1999). This process is acutely complicated

         Throughout the day bones experience stresses due to different loads that being act on them, which may lead to the bone being susceptible to fracture. Bone fracture results when the bone experiences to a sufficient mechanical load. Low magnitude load may bring about no significant effect on the bone’s form, while moderate loads deform the bone temporarily. The mechanical effects on the bone induced by loads can be attributed to several factors. The magnitude of the load and the rate of how it is applied in addition to the direction it acts in, additionally the size and the geometry of the loaded bone (Radasch, 1999). Analysing of a loaded bone under controlled condition enables evaluation of mechanical properties of the loaded structure such as stiffness, strength, and energy absorption capacity (Frankel and Nordin, 1980).

During the past 50 years, there have been a lot of research addressed the main science behind the process of bone healing. Fracture healing aims to restore the original structure and function of the bone tissue by implementing proper reduction and immobilization techniques (Vertenten et al., 2010). While there has been so much progress in fracture fixation methods in human over the years, however, the veterinary orthopaedic saw a boom in the past two decades due to an explosion of new information and techniques available to the veterinary surgeon about methods used for fracture fixation (Radasch, 1999). This process is acutely complicated and thus traditionally been divided into a series of events. However, the use of animals’ models has made the investigation of histology, biochemistry, and biomechanics perspectives of fracture healing much simpler and therefore has been a key tool to fully comprehend about the biology of fracture (Bonnarens and Einhorn, 1984).

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Bone plates are utilized to stabilize fractures in both humans and animals. These plates have been one of the most successful methods used to stabilize internal fractures in small animals in the past half century (Johnson, Ann L; Houlton, J, EF; Vannini, 2005). There is wide range of bone plate systems, where the more famous and widely used were investigated. Each type of plate system has different dimension and geometry, corresponding screws to affix the plate to the bone. The healing mode of the plate, type and dimension and screws number and location yet influence the effectiveness of the plate system under acute and cyclic loads circumstances.