How To Throw A Highschool Party Essay

Planning a proper party can be a fun and exciting event but without proper experience or guiding can become a complete and utter nightmare. Party planners must be leaders who able to inspire others to not only help with the parties planning but most importantly come to the party.

Great party planners will easily get good reputations and prestige for throwing good parties while also getting cliental bases. If everything goes to plan then the party planner can not only get all the credit but can actually make a substantial profit just by charging a few dollars at the door.Party planners first order of business is to have a location for the party whether this may be the planners own house or better yet someone elses house or rented space. When approached by a client about throwing a party it important to find out the facts before jumping into the planning and that includes the: who, what, where, when and why.

Who is the client are they popular or unpopular what kind of crowd do they want and are there friends going to be the right kind of people to invite.Why is the client throwing the party is it for a birthday, celebration for achievement like graduating or simply to have fun and does the client want a small or large party. When is the client wanting to throw the party is there any special events going on that may deter guests and how much time does the planner have to plan. Generally when a client approaches a planner they are unsure of what they need to do in order to throw the party and it is a good idea for the planner to relieve the clients anxiety by letting them know how it will be taken care of.Another important question to ask is how big and extravagant (costly) does the planner want to make it because if the client is willing to go the whole nine yards then it makes the planners life that much easier otherwise the planner will have to pull some tricks out of their sleeves. When the location for the party is set it is a good idea for the planer and client to tour the location so that they can party proof the house.

It is extremely important to proof a house so that both the client and especially the planner know ahead of time how the party will be structured.Proofing the house is important so that the location and the removal of valuables so that they are not destroyed or stolen. The planner should map out where there may be congestion and the areas that are on and off limits. Congestion happens in key areas like the kitchen bathroom and outside. To avoid congestion it is a good idea to have activities going throughout the location so that people are spread out the activities that people are drawn to can include things like music, seating and lighting.

Signs are a good idea to post in areas that are off limits or signs that let the reader for example know to be quiet outside because of angry neighbors or sink doesnt work. Having the refrigerator off limits is a good idea because people will eat all the clients food and may leave random things in the refrigerator. The planner should also make sure there is adequate parking and if possible have people park away from the location so that it does not attract unwanted attention from police and people who were not invited.Guests should be on a need to know bases at all times meaning that they should know only that they shouldnt plan anything on your parties day. The more information and time the guests have the more likely hood unwanted guests will arrive.

It is good to invite guests who are willing to contribute to the cause which may include money, finger foods, refreshments, party supplies and people to help with clean up. Food is not recommended to serve at late night party because it is an expensive unnecessary expenditure.People who generally eat are more likely to get tired and or sick and may lead to guests eating solitarily in the corner. The first order of business in actually setting up the party is getting the necessary people together for the party. If the client is willing to allow the planner to use their fullest resources then good party planner has a full array of people who are willing to help out in the cause. These people include security, bartenders, valet, DJs, doormen and fellow partiers.

A well run party can insure that it is success and will relieve the clients mind if they know that they are in the best of hands. It is a good idea to create a list so that it is ensured that the client knows how many people are coming and so that if unwelcomed guests appear they can be easily removed at the door. The planner must sit down with the client and figure out the kind of people they want at the party because if they want a well rounded successful party then there needs to be a balance between men and women.A good party planner should have an adequate entourage so that if in case there needs to be balancing then they have fellow partiers who are willing to even out the odds. Right after the planner knows the location of the party and the type of people they want it is always fun to theme the party. Themed parties can be any variance of parties for many types of situations.

If the planner is throwing a party for little kids then a classics theme like ninja turtles is a great way to plan the party. On the other hand if the party is for college students then a classic theme like a toga party or an A.B. C. party or anything but clothes can be fun ways that people can dress up and have fun. It is important that if the client chooses to do a themed party that they require all guests to participate so that if only a few dress up then there is no awkwardness. Having a themed party is also a great way to deter last minute unwanted guests who may have wondered to the party.

If the police happen to show up then it is crucial that the planner know how to react in the situation to calm the client and to not get fined.A planner has many tools to reduce police and unwanted guest involvement. If the planner is able to get valet which can simply be someone standing out front of a location directing people where to park can significantly reduce police and unwanted guests because if it doesnt look like a party meaning there isnt a ton of cars out front or people then many unwanted guests will be confused and deterred. It is important for a planner to be aware that music can attract unwanted attention and should have preordained volumes that only the DJ can control.A trained doorman is crucial because they regulate who comes in and out and it is extremely important that the doorman knows not to allow any unwanted guests through the door or even look in the house especially police officers. Police officers will try to trick the doorman into letting them in so it is important that the doorman know their rights and also important to not let the police officer look inside because if they suspect underage drinking then they can come inside the house.In the occurrence that the police do come and give a warning and are not able to fine the planner still has a few tricks up there sleeve. The planner can risk that the police will not come back a second time and continue the party or can kick everyone out.

Contrary to what most people would think kicking out people is the better choice for continuing the party. If both the planner and client choose to follow this route then they should escort people who are able to drive out but by doing so telling only a select few to return in an hour or so when the police have left giving the illusion that the party has ended.It should be noted that if the police suspect that a party is going then they will usually have squad cars parked down the street waiting for inebriated drivers. If the police happen to come a second time usually do to neighbors complaining or unhappy guests calling them then the fine is up to 500 dollars per police officer that shows up and also if a police officer shows up again anytime within six months then it will also be a charge of up to 500 dollars per officer.

The client or clients who have the place must be dully notated that there is many repercussions to throwing the party which is damage, theft and police. Theft and police can be avoidable if the right people show up. It should be notated that some people go to parties simply to start fights and or to steal things that is why it is important to have a list. To reduce thieves from stealing is to party proof the house so that they do not steal the clients valuables.

To reduce fights from breaking out requires that the right people are invited and to significantly reduce this is to have a good balance of men and women. Damage will most certainly happen and is an unavoidable thing especially if substances are involved but if they are minute enough then they can be fixed or covered up. Police are a valuable asset because if the party becomes overwhelmed then the planner can call the police and they will escort everyone out. The most important part of planning and throwing the party is to relax and enjoy the festivities.