Tides collector. The collector can be as simple

are caused by the gravitational pull of the moon and sun, and the rotation of
the earth. Near shore, water levels can vary up to 40 feet. Only a few
locations have good inlets and a large enough tidal range- about 10 feet- to
produce energy economically. The simplest generation system for tidal plants
involves a dam, known as a barrage, across an inlet. Sluice gates on the
barrage allow the tidal basin to fill on the incoming high tides and to empty
through the turbine system on the outgoing tide, also known as the ebb tide.
There are two-way systems that generate electricity on both the incoming and
outgoing tides.Solar Pond


A solar pond is, simply, a
pool of saltwater which collects and stores solar thermal
energy. The saltwater naturally forms a vertical salinity gradient also known
as a “halocline”, in which low-salinity water floats on top of
high-salinity water.Solar crop driers

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Modern solar crop driers are still very simple, but
also more effective and hygienic. The basic components of a solar dryer are an
enclosure or shed, screened drying racks or trays, and a solar collector. The
collector can be as simple as a glazed box with a dark colored interior to
absorb the solar energy that heats air. The heated air in the collector moves,
by natural convection or a fan, up through the material to be dried.



Students will get be equipped with the knowledge of
renewable energy sources

They willget the brief introduction of terms related
to renewable energyRenewable energy?

Renewable energy is made from
resources that can be renewed by Mother Nature: wind, water, sunshine and

Renewable energy is also called
“clean energy” or “green power” because it doesn’t produce
harmful pollution..

Fossil fuel?

Coal, oil and natural gas are
called fossil fuels because they were formed deep under the earth millions of
years ago from the decomposition of plant and animal matter.

Fossil fuels are used to generate electricity
because they’re widely available, inexpensive, easy to transport, easy to use,
and the power plants can be located almost anywhereWind

It’s a power plant made up entirely of wind turbines – sometimes
one or two, or as many as 150. It’s called a “farm” because they’re
usually found in rural areas.Solar Cooker: 
Solar cooker is a device which cooks food without using any 
conventional cooking fuel/energy like cow dung straw, wood, coal, gas kerosene
or electricity. It converts sunlight into heat energy and cooks the food.


 Two Types of
solar cookers

1 Box type 
solar cooker

2 Parabolic solar cooker

;Box Cookers Solar box cookers
(sometimes called solar ovens) are the most common and inexpensive type of
solar cookers . These box cookers have a very simple construction and they are
made of low cost materials. The outer box is often made of wood. The inner box
is made of insulating material, which is covered with clear glass or with
plastic, and often has a reflector of aluminum . According to Solar Cooker
International, solar box cookers cook at moderate temperatures and often can
accommodate multiple pots. It can reach a temperature of 140? C. The solar box
cooker, like other solar cookers, needs direct sunshine to operate and produces
zero emission;.