Titanium dioxide Essay

How long does the applied product continue acting? 1 . Coatings (3-5 years) 2. Biodegradable anti-pathogenic solution, biodegradable cleaner and biodegradable folia fertilizer (must be repeated on a regular basis) Shelf life – 2 years Coatings help reduce odors, and are applied on walls and ceilings. Anthropogenic Solutions do not leave residue.

To apply coatings, a mask is advised. Other products are completely safe to apply. For coatings, surface must be clean, and it’s k to wash. Coatings are not applied on furniture. Other products do not stain.Application is done by paint spray guns and cold fumigation machines, very impel, average turnaround is up to mm / hour / 1 applicator. Collected air & surface samples are send to local microbiology lab. This is done initially before we submit proposal and after the installation job.

1. Path away – natural antiseptic a. Long shelf life, no odor, user friendly and environmentally safe. B. Can be used on kitchen counter tops, bathrooms on tile and other hard surfaces, and to clean children’s toys. Can also be used on shoes to eliminate athletes foot.

. Very effective when sprayed on heating or air conditioning filter. Kills airborne pathogens circulating through HAVE system.

D. Can be used as personal antiseptic, for equipment and small wounds. E. Can be used on pets to stop skin infections, stop scratching. For offices and commercial buildings (hotels): for routine cleaning of HAVE systems and exposed surfaces, such as rooms, kitchens, bathrooms. Productivity will rise from less absenteeism.

Combats Escherichia coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus and Fecal chloroforms.Schools: reduce and eliminate harmful airborne pathogens HAVE can be protected from harboring bacteria and viruses. Medical Facilities: Healthcare-Associated Infections directly affect patient care as well as profitability. Airports: an be used as part of maintenance program. Passengers carry disease and spread across the globe. Infuse path away into the arrival and departure hall HAVE systems to reduce pathogens. Application: Pathway can be applied on any existing mold or fungus problem. Spray and leave for 1 hour minimum for the product to kill pathogens.

1 gallon covers mm.Do not dilute for direct decontamination. You can add it to a humidifier, add Mimi to 1 It of water and let it run, the whole room will be sterilized in a few hours. Suggestion for an indoor pilot application: 1. If mold, fungus or other pathogens are present, spray Pathway on all reface (walls, ceilings, floors, equipment) to eliminate pathogens, mold, fungus, bacteria, etc. And let dry. Leave for 1 hour to allow product to kill al pathogens.

2. Remove this residue (dead mold etc. ). Power wash the surface and let dry. 3.

Apply Genes Anna coating on clean surfaces on walls and ceilings for permanent protection.To apply coating on a wall for a demo, make sure it is cleaned. Only apply on clean surface, since coating is not a cleaner. If there is mold or algae growing on the wall, spray with Pathway and allow for an hour or a day depending on the size of the problem, then powers the wall to clean dead residue. After cleaning, apply Genes Anna coating. 2. Light activated, Photostats coatings: a. Collaborators primer: for application on strong color surfaces (red, brown, dare color paints) before application of Genes Anna or Solar Stucco top coat.

Apply 1 coat. B.Collaborators Self Cleaning: (exterior) for concrete, stucco, stone, or any rough surfaces. Apply 1 or best 2 coats. C. Collaborators Self Cleaning: (exterior) for plastic, metal, tiles or any smooth surfaces. Apply 2 coats. D.

Genes Anna Air Fresh: for application on indoor carpets, textiles, blinds, paints (except pure white – apply Genes Anna sterile on white paints. ) apply 2 coats. . Genes Anna Sterile: for application on all indoor surfaces, best for painted walls (white or color). Can also be applied on tiles, stone.

If surface is water repellent, use Genes Anna Multipurpose instead.Apply 2 coats. F. Genes Anna Multipurpose: any application (indoor tiles, smooth surfaces, paints, stone etc) apply 1 coat for smooth surfaces and 2 coats for rough surfaces. Can be applied on any exterior surface as a self-cleaning coating or any indoor surfaces including tiles, paints, etc. Has to be tested on white surfaces to see if it does not leave a yellowish residue. If so, on white surfaces use Genes Anna Sterile. .

Genes Anna HAVE: Apply inside HAVE ducts where you install UP lamps for air purification, for I. JP air cleaning equipment, filters. 3.Genes Anna Multipurpose is used for most projects.

About the business model: 3 sections: 1. Indoor infection control: designed for building interior, for total and ongoing surface and air sterilization and infection control. Works 24/7 using nanotechnology. Pathway: broad spectrum anti-pathogenic solution derived from edible parts of naturally occurring vegetative growth, found after the flowering of certain plants. Acts as a bactericide, fungicide, anti-viral and anti-parasitic compound. Environmentally safe and extremely low toxicity to humans, plants, animals and the environment.Can be used as a safe and friendly disinfectant on hard and porous surfaces as well as in the air you breathe. Shelf life is 5 years and is ecologically safe, and biodegradable.

How does it work: Two primary effects on microorganisms: 1 . Alteration of the cell membrane with inhibition of cellular respiration 2. A dose dependent inhibition of cellular respiration, resulting in moderate growth of the microorganisms, making them harmless. Genes Anna: transparent coating utilizing titanium dioxide. 11TH has a variety Of forms including retile, Brooklet and emanates (the last of which is what is used for our products).