To be a King of a small kingdom or to be Commoner of a big kingdom Essay

“To be a King of a small kingdom or to be Commoner of a big kingdom”, my mother said when I was in junior high school. Back then, when I was in junior high school, I was simply the best student in the class and even in the entire school.

As one of the top grade students, my school offered me a full year scholarship for the first year if I continued my study at the same school. I had to pay first for the admission fee and later on they would return the admission fee back to me and I didn’t have to pay the school fee for an entire year.Everyone would think that I should never leave this very good opportunity, but the fact I was still confused whether to take the scholarship or not because my high school dream was another top school in my hometown. To enter that school was rather difficult because they only accepted 40 students every year.

Imagine how though it was. Then, my mom said, “To be a King of a small kingdom or to be Commoner of a big kingdom”. “To be a King or a small kingdom,” meant if I entered the first school, I would definitely be the best student while I also got a scholarship. But if I chose “To be Commoner of a big kingdom” that meant I had to be ready if I was not the cleverest student and faced a whole new challenge and environment with new friends, teachers, and rivals.

My mom told me she would give full support no matter which I chose and said no matter what the outcome, I should face it bravely and confidently.I finally decided to leave my scholarship and ready to take a new challenge but I was still immature. It was not that I couldn’t do the entrance test but the problem was I didn’t have enough trust on my self.  My mind is full that I would fail the test and couldn’t enter the school. Thus, I asked my mom to pay the admission fee at the first school also. What I really regretted back then was the lack of trust on myself. I was indeed success to enter the school. Now I am studying at the 12th grade and ready to take all the challenge and strive to the highest level I can reach.

In fact, I manage to go the top ten of my school. It is the right decision to move here and I learn a very important lesson here: you should trust you own ability and know your weakness.Thus, in the 12th grade I have to meet the same problem again.

Like what happened in junior high school, I also get a scholarship in one of the top university in my hometown and this time I even have passed the entrance test. But my aim is even higher than before. I want to pursue my study in one of the best business school in the world and that is why I choose University of Texas at Austin. I am certain through McCombs Undergraduate academic program and student organization that focus on international business can help to fulfill my dream which is work at multinational company that contributes to local and global community.

This time I am not confused or worry anymore about what should I do and ready to face a whole new challenge because I believe it is the right to do and I am eager to join University Texas at Austin. So why can’t I be “a king in the big kingdom”?