To Drill or Not to Drill Essay

I believe that we should just continue drilling off the Gulf Coast, Alaska, and other areas within our country that are currently not being explored. By exploring these other areas and utilizing the resources that are found there, we could decrease our dependency on other countries for oil and natural gas. If the United States could decrease its dependency on foreign countries for oil and natural gas, it could be very beneficial to the U. S. For example, if there were to be a war that breaks out in the future, and we are dependant on that country for oil and natural gas, that country could cut off all supplies to the United States.

This would cause a great deal of problems for the U. S. , there would be a trickle down affect such as; gas prices would rise, gas stations would close, people would be out of work, and the auto industry would suffer. If the U. S was mainly drilling oil within our country, a war really wouldn’t affect us as much. I also think that we should continue to come up with new green technologies such as, solar power and clean oil. We should continue to research and advance those technologies that we already do have, not to mention create new technologies. One day, we will use up all the oil that the Earth has to offer.

It is a supply and demand situation, right now; the demand is outpacing the supply. I have a neutral opinion I guess. I believe that we should continue to drill oil within our country and also create new technologies to harvest those resources. In my opinion it is important for the United States to be independent when it comes to oil. My reasoning on this is just in case of a war breaking out between us and another country or two different countries, but we are allies to them. This still could create problem for the United States, unless we are dependent on ourselves.

I believe that I am pretty open-minded to this issue; I do not see anything hindering my thinking about this subject. I believe that this idea is a logical idea and many others think the same way. I could speak with others about how they feel and we could compare and contrast ideas about this subject. By doing this, it could open my eyes to more ideas and I would gain more knowledge on this matter. Smith, P. A. (2010). The Lessons of the BP Oil Spill.. EBSCOhost, (), Hamalainen, K. (2010, September). Drilling for Oil. EBSCOhost, (),