To Kill a Mocking Bird Analysis Essay

I do think that fear and prejudice do keep prejudice alive. I think that way but I also think there is more to it. But 2 components to prejudice are fear and ignorance. Ignorance makes you not want to listen to other people’s circumstances and where they are coming from or even why they feel that way. Also fear can make people want to stay away from some one or something and that can create prejudice. Sometimes people don’t even know why they are prejudice against some one or some thing, and by that they are basically just being ignorant.

If you’re afraid or some one or some thing, is it because your afraid of that someone or something. If you’re afraid, you won’t look at the other person’s point of view. Not always people are prejudice because they are fearful. But I do think to keeping prejudice alive you do need ignorance. Fear many times results in ignorance toward the subject which causes people to be prejudice. I think that basically one thing leads to another. Fear leads to ignorance which leads to prejudice. I think one way we could stop prejudice is by starting from the roots…FEAR!!! All these things are components of keeping prejudice alive.

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One example of being prejudice is racism. Racism was kept alive for a very long while because of back then when people did not really care or even really care about the others. In other word they were ignorant. Another example of prejudice is a bully and someone being bullied. As you probably know the bully causes fear to the other person causing him to fear the bully and without you even knowing the person creates this prejudice attitude towards the other. A prejudice attitude can create in anyone towards anyone too, sometimes even when you don’t notice it.

Sometimes the hate of someone being prejudice against you or someone you love can develop in you a prejudice attitude, and where did that come from…from someone being ignorant or fearful. All these prejudice attitudes can be developed. For example this one girl I know named Jessica Wilkins, she’s very fearful of the people in Vitoria, ES in Brazil because our soccer team Flamengo is better than Palmeiros which is her team because of where she was born. Even though we didn’t do much to her we are just part of a state and now she is prejudice against me and everyone else that lives there.