To Kill a Mocking Bird Questions Chp 9&10 Essay

How well does Atticus feel he should defend Tom Robinson? Is it usual for (white) lawyers to do their best for black clients in Alabama at this time? 2. Scout and Jem have “mixed feelings” about Christmas? What are these feelings and why? 3. Uncle Jack Finch tells Scout that she is growing out of her pants. What does this mean and why might he say it? 4. When Francis talks to Scout he reveals an unpleasant feature of Aunt Alexandra.

What is this? 5. Does Scout learn anything from overhearing Atticus’s conversation with Uncle Jack? What might this be? 6. Read the final sentence of this chapter. Explain in your own words what it means and why it might be important in the story. Chapter 10 7. Scout says that “Atticus was feeble”. Do you think that this is her view as she tells the story or her view when she was younger? Does she still think this after the events recorded in this chapter? 8.

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In this chapter Atticus tells his children that “it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird”. What reason does he give for saying this? 9. Why does Heck Tate not want to shoot Tim Johnson? 10. Near the end of this chapter Atticus cuts off Heck Tate as he is speaking to Jem. What might Heck have been about to say, and why would Atticus want to stop him from saying it? 11. Jem and Scout have different views about telling people at school how well Atticus can shoot. Explain this difference. Which view is closer to your own?