To Much Homework? Essay

What can teachers do to prevent students from having too much homework? What type of planning is required? Are there implications for staff planning time? The first step teachers can take to not giving students too much homework is making sure that the homework is a review of earlier lessons. “Homework gives students a chance to practice skills learned in one setting at one time(school) in another setting at a different time(home) (Slavin pg. 201). The second step teachers can take is too make homework interesting and worthwhile.

Even though homework can help students little bit, it can still be harmful to the students. Stress can cause students to lose control under pressure. Needless to say, homework can cause students to lose interest in learning and may encourage students to cheat or drop out of school early. The type of planning required for this is your students learning styles, knowing where the student is academically, finding ways to make homework fun and rewarding, and actively engaging the parents and other family and friends in the homework activities when possible.

Yes, technology can contribute to meaningful learning students can learn various ways to present, research, and explore their various subjects. It is possible to have the phases of learning within one class setting, and this desirable because has a teacher looks around her room she will find various learning styles, and being able to approach students styles and needs in various ways helps the teachers be an intentional teacher with a diversifying classroom.