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I am an advocate practicing at the Chandigarh District
Court and Punjab and Haryana High Court, located at Chandigarh, a city situated
in the northern part of India. With this letter, I firstly want to thank you
for offering me an unconditional offer and appreciate your effort of going
through my application. As you know I am applying for a position in the Masters
of Law program in Commercial and Corporate Law, offered at Queen Mary University
of London. With my prevailing experience as a Corporate Litigant at the Bar, I
wish to widen my legal proficiency in the laws governing businesses such as
competition laws, insurance laws, mergers and acquisitions, intellectual
property laws (majorly focusing on digital, art, and entertainment related IP
laws), and various general principles of corporate governance; lastly I’m also
looking forward to learning the role of arbitration in business houses and
remedies to avoid litigation and settle disputes rather harmoniously. By
reviewing the course curriculum available online at your website, I have found
that the subject material included will most advantageously befit my career
objective. Besides, the chance of engaging in a course where I will be able to
meet students from distinct cultures will equip me with global exposure, as
well as strengthen my capacity to structure sound judgments.

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Professionally, I specialize in civil and corporate
laws and provide legal advice to aggrieved people in need. My role is to assist
my boss in formulating, assembling, and strengthening case briefs and arguments
by assisting him with research work, collecting relevant data and managing clients
by offering them insightful solutions to their problems. Furthermore, my office
is a small group of associates assisting our boss; whereby I hold the dominant
role of carrying out research work, drafting and formulation of arguments.
Throughout the abovementioned tenure, I volunteered pro-bono and completed
multifarious tasks put to me, resultantly all that helped improve my analytical
skills. My commitment, vigor and administrative aptitude were integral to the
role I played at the office. However, it was apparent that my growth was
decelerated by the paucity of comprehensive training and guidance.

I graduated with a
Bachelor of Law (an integrated BA.LLB five year course) from Army Institute of
Law, Mohali affiliated to Punjabi University in Punjab, India. During my degree,
I was highly active in countless aspects of college life. I completed a number
of internships; working for senior advocates, judges and firms. This allowed me
to apply theoretical knowledge in a practical setting and also kindled my
interest in Legal Research and Litigation. Additionally, I remained involved in
college affairs by participating in moot court competitions, writing and
presenting research papers and volunteering for Mediation and Conciliation
program held every now and then, whereby my duties ranged from escorting the
guests of honour and handling the multiple tasks required to be done by the
organization team. Conjointly, I took up a few diploma courses during my  span of five years one being the Basic French
learning course from Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar, Punjab and the
other being a distance learning diploma course in Entrepreneurship
Administrative and Business Laws from National University of Juridical
Sciences, Kolkata, West Bengal. Moreover, I was immensely devoted to the
expansion and improvement of a hitherto non-existent Gym Club. Taking on the same
in my second semester I had strategies on building the club to be an autonomous
and socially interactive club. Lastly, with all of the responsibilities at
hand, I remained attentive with my academic conduct. Consequently, I stood 15th
in my class of 84 students, and received First Division for excellent academic
merit on receiving my Law Degree.

Prior moving to Law
College I had spent much of my earlier childhood living at different places as
my father was an army personnel and due to his job we as a family got an
opportunity to witness various locations such as in the North-Eastern and
North-Western states of India. Having exposure to these experiences at an early
age triggered my enthusiasm in social interactions and understanding humans in
general. Thereafter, I went to boarding school by the name of Sacred Heart in 6th
grade situated in Dalhousie, so as to avoid travelling and shifting places during
my crucial years of education and I stayed there till 10th grade.
Staying in the hostel taught me various aspects which helped me immensely in my
journey so far such as independence, quick thinking, and the ability to live in
a community, time management, sharing with my peers and team-work. Amidst this
upbringing, I became inclined towards learning languages, music and sports; henceforth,
learnt French, classical music, keyboard and various sports like basketball,
badminton, swimming and athletics in both school and in my free time. The final
year at Sacred Heart (i.e. 10thgrade) was rather a tragic one; my
father went missing, thus, a difficult situation to comprehend with. That
incident of losing a loved one at a tender age of 16 and subsequently being
dragged into litigation due to various disputes in the family caused an
unimaginable heartache and led me to choose law as an area of study later. After
finishing my higher education I moved to Chandigarh and still continued staying
in the boarding during my secondary education for two years and finally secured
an admission in Army Institute of Law for five years after standing 16th
in the entrance test. Therefore, these 12 years of independent and disciplined
living have taught me perseverance, patience, responsibility, courage, humanity
and catered to my need of becoming a well rounded human.

My desire to study in
London emerges from an inadequacy of identical professional programs offered in
India. The future of dynamic legal issues in India will demand a workforce with
a specialized skill set majorly in understanding the influence of design, art,
entertainment, insurance, competition, corporate governance, merger and
acquisitions laws have on small business entrepreneurs. My country is a
developing nation and is on the brink of economic escalation and therefore the
government has enacted very lenient laws circumventing start-ups, but these
start-ups can only grow in the ever changing economy if they are equipped with
the right kind of legal knowledge.  With
this degree I would like to meet this demand and, in the future, establish
groundwork by the enabling start-ups acquire legal advice at minimal rates as
they do not have enough funds to run into litigation or hire firms. Along with
the notion of idea-sharing in mind, this would be a perfect ground to establish
the next step of my professional career.

With all of my
experience as abovementioned, I am on the quest of bringing my career to the
next stage. The subjects offered by you in this program are in tune with my
professional goals. Additionally, studying abroad provides the best foundation
for me to further acquaint myself with divergent cultures and exchange
knowledge as a result. I am positive that the knowledge and skills learnt from
my professional experience, college, and extracurricular activities would make
me a valuable addition to the Masters of Law in Commercial and Corporate Laws’
program offered at Queen Mary University of London. Surely, this degree would
become, for me, the keystone of a brilliant future. Therefore, I will be
indebted to you for funding my education and enabling me to attain my goals. I
look forward to this opportunity with immense excitement and vigor.

Thanking you in anticipation.



Jasmeen Sekhon