To relationships with the children that I

develop positive relationships I believe that you will need to
demonstrate effective communication skills when dealing with others.
This will include how you approach other people and how you respond
to them. This will also include how we can listen with attention. If
we were not to listen to each other, there would be a breakdown in
the communication which could lead to a breakdown in the

– I have experienced that children need to feel secure. This allows
trust and respect to be built. This can create a positive atmosphere
for the children to learn in. I find that listening to children and
showing a genuine interest will build the foundation for them to
extend their own language skills, learning and understanding. By
developing relationships with children this can help them to do the
same with their peers and work as a team. Working closely with
the children and sometimes on a one to one basis, I have had to learn
their capabilities. I have learnt along the way that some children
want the easy ride but this is where by supporting them with their
learning, I am also able to encourage independence. By seeing that
they are able to understand and complete the work I have this boost
their self-esteem.

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People – Communicating with young people is important so that they
are able to develop their communication skills for further education
and into working life. Relationships change when you get older and
building trust and respect is still very important. I also feel that
by continuing to build trust will support their learning.

third of the children that attend Eastern High have special Education
Needs and the school is very diverse. We as teaching assistants work
closely with our children to support their education and learning. I
have built up relationships with the children that I work with and I
do believe I have built trust and by listening and with positive
interaction I have demonstrated genuine interest in their work and

– I do feel as a school communication is strong but it could always
improve. We are constantly in contact with members of staff via
e-mail. On a weekly basis we have staff meetings so that we are able
to discuss new information or share any concerns. Twice a week we
meet as a whole school so that the Headteacher communicates any
events, news or information. All of the above are really important
and this is where relationships are also built. I also feel that as
adults we set examples for the children to follow. When we work with
the teacher in front of the children they will observe this.Our
weekly meetings are important as we are able to share valuable
information if necessary. This can then allow us to work as a team to
support individuals. Even though we can then support our children, we
also don’t share this information with other children as we respect