To i think barbed wire is a

 To me, the three most important inventions were barbed wire,
mason jars, and driverless tractors. These three were important
because they revolutionized modern America as we know. Without
these three inventions we could very well be stuck in the past. With
these inventions we are now able to store crops and produce much
longer and it allows these products to be marketed. This is why I
think that these three inventions are the best.
In 1874 barbed wire was invented. When barbed wire was made
settlers out west used this product as a cheat and effective way to
fence in their newly found land. It allowed them to raise and produce
livestock like cattle and chicken. Without barbed wire it would’ve
been very hard to settle in the western portion of the U.S. This is
why i think barbed wire is a top three invention.
Next, I think that the Mason jar is important because without it
storing food and preserving jams and jellys would be very hard. After
the invention of the Mason jar farmers and sellers could now take a
crop put it in a air tight jar and take it to the market and have
multiple days to sell or trade their goods. Mason jars paved way
formwhag is now known as tubaware and other preserving
products. Without Mason jars we could still be having the goods we
bought go bad within days or hours. This is why Mason jars are
The third and final invention that I think is important is the
driverless tractor. I think it is important because it allows farmers to
multitask while working the fields. Without it farmers would have to
be very aware of the way they are going in their fields and could
accidently mess their crops up by running over them and crushing
Today we have “self stearing” tractors that allow farmers to work on
other important tasks while producing crops. This is why the
driverless tractor is important.
In the previous paragraphs I told you why they are important. To
me the symbolize change and progression for Americans. I hope you
take my votes to consideration and help these inventions win. That
is why they are important. Thank you for reading my story.