To the culture and to the people

            To Begin I will be talking  about how the French Revolution  and the  Gordon Riots the  Arthur’s such as Charles Dickens,Edgar Allen Poe  and  their novels  that had played a part that had influences the  literature in nowadays especially had a big part in talking about the French Revolution and the Gordon Riots also. The bible was a major cause to the culture and to the people in society.          The French Revolution played a huge role in influencing writers such as Edgar Allan Poe, and Charles Dickens.As the French  Revolution began to start  the  monarchy that once had ruled France for centuries collapsed in only three years. This resulted in a complete transformation in the society of the human race.The French Revolution in its bottom line brought a historical change  to ending the  feudal powers and monarchy and stated the right and supremacy of the people and  individuals free rights.One author that has made an impact to litachure is Charles Dickens had wrote a lot of novels  and other  to reveal a world of poverty and unimaginable struggles.

His books were  describing the corruption of the politics. He was a man who helped out as much as he could such as doing charity and more. Charles Dickens had two novels that really were set to the French Revolution and the Gordon Riots. The historical novels that he based off two huge cause that influence Literature  was ‘A Tale Of Two Cities’ and ‘Barnaby Rudge’.The Barnaby Rudge  was based on the Gordon Riots in 1780.Lord George Gordon lead a group of  people to  the parliament to repeal  the Catholic Relief Act a lot Violence broke out and spreaded around by June 9th is had finally had peace but by then everything was destroyed from Catholic churches and been burned down or broken a lot of people killed and injured. The book Barnaby Rudge was published in 1841 where one of his kids were born.

” The subject is smaller and of far less importance.The French Revolution was a time making event, as the  effects that felt in civilised country. The Gordon Riots were a mere local revolt.The effects of which were not felt outside England, and scarcely outside London.”On page (222).In the book of “A Tale Of Two Cities” was that it involved two cities where Charles dicken wrote the book  it was published in 1859 in had 3 books to it at that time when he wrote the books.

In the first book it talks about how .”The year is 1775 and the settings are London and Paris, two lands ruled by monarchs. England is on the brink of the American Revolution. The French Revolution seems inevitable, with trees waiting to be converted to guillotines and the spirit of rebellion silently infecting the countryside. Similar disturbances are common across England, with highway robberies on the increase and thievery reaching all the way into high society. Executions are common for both minor and major offenses”summary of chapter one The Period. Another author that had an impact besides Charles Dickens Is Edgar Allen Poe he was born January 19, 1809  he was a really big impact by writing poems and to fictional book he was a big part of the arts to in the nineteenth century.He was a great poet but his father mother died when he was young he never really knew them beside them being actor.

At his younger age he attended top school but. Could stay cause of the debt he owed he also wrote a several poems. Such as The Tell-Tale Heart” and “The Fall of the House of Usher,” and The “Raven it was one of the best books he wrote and it was published in January 29,1845  two years later he died from a brain tumor that has been a threat now Edger wrong many book and poems that affect the fictional Spartans the people now are recognising how much his book are now then from back then and no one wanting to read.       Next is how the bible affects the society now it is a big part of the worlding changing and it cause the society to change and how it became.

The bible is a world best seller in 2012 they did a research on how many people in America had one it was well over 85 percent it also showed that at least most of the population has at least one or more bibles in their household not only is the bible related to the christians,muslims , and the jews it shows that i think it hold in an impact to the rest of the population live showing that you can live a meaningful life but not only that anther way it impact the way the people live now it also is all over the world showing and in pact in culture and in the different languages it has at least 531 translations  and many more to come later on in the life disovers. “The existence of the Bible, as a book for the people, is the greatest benefit which the human race has ever experienced. Every attempt to belittle it is a crime against humanity.”By Immanuel Kant.The bible showed how beliefs in a good can change the way the  people act by something that was written a long time ago.      Another time Period that had a huge  impact on literature  is a man named Napoleon Bonaparte he was born in August 15, 1769 and  help by creating and and bring a law called napoleonic code.

The napoleonic code  change some of the the freedom of speech and French after the French Revolution Napoleon Bonaparte gave this civil code to post revolutionary France, its first  set of laws were concerning property, colonial affairs, and the family  and there individual rights On March 21 1804, the Napoleonic Code was finally approved. And showed that judges now can’t really and don’t have as much leeway to clarify  the law, and there isn’t any type of civil juries. The code kept right of the French such as women not being able to clans the kids and that the women are considered as  very low classed and distract such as being treated as very young kids which is wrong and giving men more powers.The code was like  the US constitution granting curtain thing. Napoleon Bonaparte had an older brother named Joseph Bonaparte  had a huge impact on his younger brother making him king of the Naples Sicily.He was only a king from 1806 to 1808 lasting only 2 years and also  was a king of Italy These three thing and a hug impact and it  revealed that the  broad lines of what remained of Napoleon’s policy guidelines about  Italy. Napoleon Bonaparte did not trust the Italians to government, he was very surely wanted to have a say in the redaction of the constitution of the new republicans.

Italy belonged to France and more specifically to Napoleon Bonaparte since it was him alone who had conquered it italy In the end it showed why he became a king in 1805. The Last event  that has made a big impact in society now is the world war II.Is the many losses of prices of artifacts and had a large impact from on the book of the Mein  Kampf. It was used as a manuscript for the nazi party.The book help recruit nazi party members.This is the few major impacts  that I typed  about that hav had a huge or some part that impact the literature now from being Authors to novels to war and kings.

And laws now in society it is a major change because what ever happen documented and been on file the people one knows what happened and continue to improve the way we speak from the the way we written back then to now.