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To date, I would define Leadership as the capacity and will to rally and motivate a group of people towards achieving a common purpose together with an aspect that arouses inspires confidence and trust. On one’s own, this leadership definition captures the importance of a leader to inspire others and in return being prepared to do so. Before ALU, at my high school, we had an Entrepreneurship course which within had a chapter on leadership and leaders as the whole. We would define leadership as a way a leader unlock people’s potential through creating and articulating a clear vision and goals making them into a reality by providing knowledge and tools necessary.An effective leadership is based upon ideas either borrowed or original, but won’t happen unless those ideas can be communicated effectively to the team in a way that engages them enough to act as the leader wants them to act. The leader requires multiple skills and qualities such as self-assessment, communication, listener, organization and motivation which helps in the implementation of the ideas.My personal leadership story will look closely at my qualities and skills aiming to evaluate my potential for leadership and draw a conclusion, which I do hope will be positive.I would say that through different experiences and activities, such as school, family household and general life, I have learned and demonstrated various leadership skills. In grade 10, I was elected as the entertainment prefect with a team of five people. With no back experience in leading it was a real struggle to communicate, coordinate and gain the team trust. I had to give orders to students who were 2 to 3 years older than I was, whereby you could guest how it was for the first days. Six months passed, and things started to be in my favor as the tension in the group cooled but still, communication was an issue, timeliness and deliverability were lacking in our work. We came with a strategy to assigned buddies to each member according to their age (old with young, young with old).Following on developing my communication skill, being with a buddy has taught me the skills of listening, understanding and motivating. Our manager kept saying that “2 ears, one mouth” which typically means listening is more important than talking, whereby you need to first always listen to understand what is being said or going on around you. It took us a while but got familiar with each other and managed to pull through our work and survived three years together.Over the three years as a team leader taught me essential skills which, I think without them I would not have made to ALU. Planning, team environment, decision making, communication, culture management and other more are skills which helped me develop my sense of responsibility as a student which cultivated my curiosity and my perception on how I see and understand the world.Famous leaders were successful because they had the correct skills and attitude for what was needed and knew when to apply those skills. Overall, within I don’t see myself as a leader due to lack of confidence or to have that physique of a leader but I am working on that weakness and knowing I still have many more to develop and only with regular rating of my leadership and everyday life will I develop as a person and as a leader.