To: will not have any left over

To:                Mr.
James Reinnoldt, Founder and Executive Director of Teachers for



From:           Chawin Pathompornvivat, Strategic
Advisor at Teachers for Tomorrow


Date:            January 12, 2018


Subject:       Recommendation for Teachers for Tomorrow





Teachers for Tomorrow must purchase
newly licensed Cambridge English Course books to replace the worn-out English
skills program starting January 2018, in order to assist students by providing
a prosperous career advancement.




Because of our English skills program
being used and outdated for 5 years, it is time for the material to be renewed
beginning January 2017. With the donation of USD $2,000, the new Cambridge
English Course book costing USD $40 for 50 students will quickly exhaust the
budget leaving no room for the desired organic garden project. However, the $1
copied version for 50 students will only cost USD $50.




I realize that if the licensed version
at USD $30 each is bought, the USD $2,000 budget will not have any left over
for the new Table to Village garden. The decision will, however, teach students
to do the right thing no matter the cost; which will be an important ethical
lesson they can learn from. Though the new organic garden is a critical
decision factor, our Teachers for Tomorrow reputation is also critical. By
buying licensed copies, we will be supporting
donors by using their money lawfully and for the right reasons. If we opt
for the photocopies, we will be breaking the Cambodia’s copyright law violating
exclusive economic and moral rights according
to Abacus IP, a full service
intellectual property agency in Kingdom of Cambodia. Not to mention we will
be failing to adhere to our mission to the students which is to help them
become good reputable citizens. Setting good examples, we should follow the
laws and regulations of the country and to abolish bad practices in the
society. Granted, if we purchase the licensed versions, the new organic garden
will not be funded. Looking at the big picture, purchasing illegitimate copies
has more cons than pros.









Cost of buying licensed textbooks:

USD $40 x 50

= USD $2,000

Remaining Balance:

USD $2,000 – USD $2,000

= USD $0

Cost of buying copies of the

USD $1 x 50

= USD $50

Remaining Balance:

USD $2,000 – USD $50

= USD $1,950


and Recommendation:


It is recommended that we purchase the
new licensed textbooks before January 2018. As the student will need to start
their class by then, your approval of this purchase before January 2018 will be
appreciated. If you have any questions, please contact me for more details.

































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