To that design? -we need to solve

To start with, we would have to think about what is communication design overall? How can we communicate through design? “Communication design captures an awareness that our field lacks a center. It has its genres and its processes, but as Johnson?Eilola and Selber (in press) argue, it is the focus on defining and solving problems in novel ways and in response to the exigencies of highly varied situations that underscores the importance of what we do.” (Swarts, 2012). If I would put that into my words I would say communication design is a part of design through what we resolve the problems. We can communicate through the design in many different ways, we can make people aware of some dangers, we can make the audience feel happy and trusted or even upset them. Communication design is communicating with the audience through a design. How to get to that design? -we need to solve the rising problems.As we are talking about a production design we also have to come across with the identity, conveying a message and make the outcome still appealing. “The ultimate purpose of design is to communicate ideas visually to an audience. Sure, you can slap down some pre-written text then add a nice graphic and call it a day, but when you really want your message to hit home it’s important to make sure the volume of your message is set at the right level for whom it’s being communicated.” (Kirkpatrick, 2017). To ensure that the message is communicated well, we should pay attention to some tools which could improve our work. For example depending on the subject we should think about how the tones and contrast communicate in our design. If the message requires an understated tone we should look at soft rather than a loud attention drawing high contrast to be able fit the right audience. Using low saturation, pastel colours may be useful for creating a soft calm mood rather than using attention grabbing and excitement creating complimentary and high saturation colours, we need to be aware of the target of the design. And we would also need to keep an eye on the scale, “Large content = Loud message. Small content = Soft message.” (Kirkpatrick, 2017). (Images, Kirkpatrick, 2017) The visual aspects that form part of the overall brand, plays a huge role in design. We call it identity. A unique design is the main thing that defines identification, in order to be successful, the design should stand out and be memorable, it should be easily recognisable. A great example of a successful design and identity is Coca-Cola. The timeless logo has been designed by its founder in 1886 and during all these years, the logo has not changed much. Coca-Cola nowadays is known as a symbol of happiness. The red colour package became a symbolic colour for Coca-Cola around 1890s for Christmas Advertising as Santa wears red and the created image with warm and happy character came across as happiness. In order to allow the brand to be a whole, to be recognisable, we have to ensure that identity of the company is kept coherent. And Coca-Cola is also a good example on how to use both, traditional and new media as identity communication by creating posters, images, advertisement and also using the platform of social media. As their concept of social media communication is almost included in every part of social media it helps them to build up and spread their identity to broader audience and fast.(Image,, 2017)How has all this research fed my ideas? I started working on my production design starting with the logo. I came up with the word “sum” as it would be an evening news show summing up all today’s news. A short word for simplicity. Thinking about colours, I wanted the colours to be identifying and eye-catching. After experimenting with different colours I ended up with pink, blue and white. I liked the idea of bright pink as it would add a bit of visual effect and make the news show stand out more and to continue, according to my research, it is not a very common colour for a news show. I was trying to make my design outstanding and a little bit more original. I used a bold white text with a bit smaller font on my logo to stay in a sense of clear communication. White and pink worked well in contrast, to make it easily readable. The dark blue part on my news show logo should be symbolising a skyscraper in the evening. As I wanted to use a night time city background in the studio I thought using a skyscraper as a part of identity of the news show might as well work in my favor. The made up news show would be broadcasted in Tallinn and using a recognisable panorama view of the city of Tallinn in the evening would work together great as a studio background and would also make it memorable and easily recognisable for the targeted audience. I have been trying to stay true to my chosen colour scheme- pink, blue and white to keep it a whole, to keep it coherent. Continuing with my design I have been using a bold but easily readable font in the bottom frame super. White on a blue background to have more contrast and and at the same time it suits in with the news show colour scheme. Darker background for the heading part to make the title stand out more, but not too much to take the focus away from the news anchors. And using transparent bottom frame super to add more space to the screen, not to cut out the news anchors and/or whatever displayed on the screen.  I’ve been trying to come across with the thought that less is more throughout my all work. To have a really simple, but bold design and play around with colours to add some kind of effect. The message I have been trying to convey in my work is keeping up with the world, fast growing and modern news show.To sum up, for a successful communication design we need to consider how to come across with the identity and message effectively. We need to convey a message through design and we need to think about how to make our design original and more appealing to the chosen audience. We have to solve the raising problems in order to be successful. As according to Dennis Field, “design is not just about the fonts, colors, images, or layout a designer chooses. Yes, we call it designing and the result is often called a design, but really design is about problem solving. Great design solves real business challenges.” (Field, 2017). I have learned a lot throughout this project. I have managed to understand more about the process of designing, how to create the identity and convey a message.