Smoking Causes Death Of the Innocence

Even though Tobacco and its product contributes so much in our industry, tobacco in other hand should be banned in all public places because it causes lots of harm in our society, it affects peoples lives due to illnesses and diseases it gives, it also becomes an addiction which can lead to many more problems, and mainly because of the secondhand smoke it produces which kills many innocent citizen in this country. TO begin with, smoking kills. In the book, Smoking Causes Death Of the Innocence, they talked about many checkpoint that proves so much about the significance and insignificance of Tobacco.In America Tobacco is significant due to its economical contributions, “Tobacco produces about 2 billion profit for America per year” (23).

Making this much money out of tobacco makes the insignificance of be buried under it. In other hand though, one stick of cigarette can give you about 4,000 chemicals that kill mice, use as a pesticides, and use to clean toilets. ” (34). Feeling disgusted and scared in a sense that it can kill anyone that uses it. It is also said that “Smoking kills about 400,000 Americans every year. ” This is a very large number which can still increase if we do not pass a law that stop smokers from smoking in public.In other discussion, there is a debate that says that the dangers of secondhand smoke is exaggerated, “among smokers this disease take many years to develop. So if you talk to your health surgeon general, you’d start smoking a pack a day for protective measure” (Asylum 32).

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It seems pretty powerful that secondhand smoke is really dangerous to someone’s health. But the government said that its 50/50 because its the smokers decision to buy the product and it is the smokers fault to have an irresponsible decision that makes them sick and not healthy. It is the smokers decision of what they do to their lives.Even though tobacco an harm anyone that gets involved with it, people have the right to buy any legal product that they’re eligible to. In the book, Smoking Bans by David L. Hudson, he talked about how it is not only the producers of tobacco’s fault but the people who buys the product has responsibility of themselves as well.

Is it evident that half of the people is responsible of what their doing, ” It’s 50/50 by means of health diseased due to tobacco. Half costumer half whoever made the product” (44). People know that tobacco and cigar are bad for them but still choose to buy them.

Tobacco gives about 1. 2 billion dollar money for our industry which is a lot that can cover the risk of the product gives. But the real question is, what does our government think is more important, innocent lives or mind Austria money? For the companies that produces the tobacco, it may be the tobacco that’s important and money may overcome every consequences that tobacco provides. But to many citizen our lives is more important. In reality people dying and getting sick is the most significant part of my argument so think that smoking in public should be ban.In addition, in the book, Secondhand Smoke is Dangerous, it is said that, ” It is impossible to avoid secondhand smoke which make it more dangerous. When you inhale the secondhand smoke, it is like you’re a smoker” (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 11).

There is so much risk of being a smoker and a non-smoker, such as being prone to deadly diseases like lung cancer, asthma, heart attack, and tuberculosis. These diseases kill so many Americans and innocent citizen in this country, it is evident for what Gail B.Stewart said in her book, I have to Quit, “Nearly 450,000 Americans die from mocking related illness” (34). This proves that smoking tobacco doesn’t just gives you risk of getting some disease but they can also say that smoking is basically killing yourself.

If our government to continue to have smokers in public the outcome of our society will be tragic. Most Of humanity will die from disease that dealt with smoking. People know that tobacco and cigar is for the but still choose to buy them. Which honestly is pretty stupid but either way its also their fault to get hooked/addicted to it.

All types of tobacco products contains nicotine which is addictive. So even though smokers know that its bad for them they do not care because of the verge of their nicotine addiction. “Nearly 450,000 Americans die from smoking related illness” (34). 450,000 are a lot of people and that sit is annually so damn. Just think about what is going to happen 10 years from now and think how that 450,000 would be. In other hand though our economies gross income continue to increase through cigarettes and other tobacco products.

They developed this so called “Jilter-Light Cigarette” so they can minimized the secondhand smoke that embody would get in public but what they do not know even this ultra-light cigarette delivers the same amount of in their body. In the book, Teen Smoking, written by Barbara Moe, is it evident that these smokers does not know what their doing, “Many smokers of light or ultra-light cigarette expect to reduce smoking risk with these choices. Few realize that lights and ultra- lights deliver the same amount of tar in their body. Reducing the amount of secondhand smoke is really good though the risk of the guy who still smoke is still high.