Today Montenegro still giving the support. In

Today peace
keeping in every country is a serious problem. Not only peace keeping but also
prptecting, developing and maneging rights of citizens.NATO is a Also NATO is
facing a huge problem about illegal migration threat since the World War II.
NATO’s aim and the main propose is not sending back the refugee boats or ships.
Startting from the day that NATO has been established NATO’s firts aim is to
protect the innocent ones. But as this issue gets more important the worse it
gets. Because of the illegal things such as human trafficking and joining or
helping criminal networks NATO creates more awearness on this issue.   

  We as the delegation of Montenegro has been
internally in NATO since 5 June 2017 which makes us a new member. As being
invited for several times the fully invention of Montenegro is in 2017. After
becoming an Allience Montenegro in 2010 has decided to contribute the
geathering to the NATO ISAF in Afghanistan we countinue to support- resolute
support- with our weapons. Also giving a financial suppor fot the development
of the secured arms of Afghanistan in between year 2010 and 2014 and we as the
delegation of Montenegro  still giving
the support. In year 2013 we have conducted a brand new strategic defence
review and created a long-term development for our country. As being
participated in NATO’s ”Building Integrity Progremme” we are still trying to
strenghthen our countries governence in the defence and security sector. . We as the delegation of Montenegro have just been included in
some activities which will help to develope our country, we did not have any
occurrence about perivious NATO issues.

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  Concidering the fact that migration has been
a critical issue for a long time, within the resolutions that has been
established about illegal migration solving this problem will help the previous
issue about peacekeeping. Creating a database or a govermental programme about
spreading information from the coast countries to the others willl be helpfull
for identifying the numbers and remove the misunderstandings. We should start
with obeying the rules and if there is no creating but if there is no one to
create helping to create rules. This will also help the peacekeeping and
disarmement for middle east countries. Making and creating a peacefull world,
stoping or at least decreasing the conflicts by obligating new rules and
helping LEDcs will done by NATO and the Allience with geathering.