Todays Technology( The Cyberspace) Essay

Topic ; Todays Technology( The Cyberspace)            Introduction            Todays world has created and developed different technologies that benefit as well as harm. The  development of the internet has actually made the whole world a simple globe that people can communicate anytime no matter the distance.            The presence of the cyberspace and the electronic mail has exposed a lot of teenagers to a lot of privacy and to the protection of their social lives. This comes as a benefit since the teenagers can easily easily chat in chat rooms with other privately, this allow them t o get connected to the world than ever before. With all the benefits that the cyberspace presents to them, there are costs that they pay for it.            The presence of the cyberspace has made many teenagers to be cut off from their  Social lives and encounters  which n many ways prepare the adolescence in to the world of adulthood. This has been made more possible by the  presence of the chart rooms that take a lot of their time,and therefore they escape a lot of adult scrutiny and adult social learnings.

(Staples,2004)            It has been discussed that, many connected teenagers actually suffer from social  aggregation and loose many friends. This make many of them to suffer from psychological torture, loneliness and depression. The effect has been because  the experience of  chatting and communicating with strangers is so empty actually emotionally frustrating. Because of this experience many teenagers therefore tend to have low quality relationships with people, this affect their social development and real world exposure. (Staples,2004)            The reasons why many teens join and get glued to the internet are so different and diverse, this is because they see the net as a real transformation, however in many reasons psychologists and other experts advice that such teenagers are the real social world and are left behind when others, that are exposed to the real world grow into adulthood under elders scrutiny. They say that, however growth and development in the cyberspace is a good exposure and should be encouraged but it lacks real world direction and lessons. the internet creates a world of illusions and truth to every statement.

(Staples,2004)            The cruising over the internet, engaging into different chartrooms and chatting with many different people, from different and diverse backgrounds, have made the teenagers to live in anon existence world. This is because the information they get the information they gunner and exchange make them to develop some non-existence social skills. skills that are only shared in the dark chat rooms. These skills sounds risky to the next generation since the teenagers will try to experiment such if introduced to the real world.(Staples,2004)            The internet has also made many youths too get disintegrated from their family members and has educed the number of hours that are being spent together as family. The adolescence actually get very little time with their parents too.

since some busy parents just communicate over the internet and do not spend times with their children.            The cyberspace addiction has been likened to drugs, this is because just as the drugs affect the brain the internet too affect, the teenagers are made to believe  in the Virtual stories  and find more fulfilling than modern reality.(Staples,2004)            The cyberspace has also been blamed for poor performance in schools, they spend a lot of time in the cyberspace gaming and in chat rooms to the time spent in schools, this even translate into colleges and adulthood.            The internet is a good invention for the world development but Its use should be controlled among the adolescence.Reference  Staples Brent ( May 2004) Editorial Observer; What Adolescents Miss When We Let Them Grow Up             in Cyberspace .New York Times