Todd Mcfarlane Career Analysis Essay

Todd McFarlane Career Analysis[pic] A TERM PAPER Presented to the WALDEN UNIVERSITY [pic] In Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements for the Course MGMT 3001V: Management in the 21st Century [pic] By Alejandra Pomar Mireles Date: February 23, 2009 Todd McFarlane was born in Calgary, Canada. When he was young he wanted to be a baseball player. He, after, became one of the most creative artists in the comic books, toys and sports industry.

He is the responsible of the most successful comic books in history; he has directed music videos and runs the most successful group of companies in the world, called The McFarlane Companies. He has won Emmy’s and Grammy’s because of his good and hard work on music videos of groups like Korn. He also owns part of the Edmonton Oilers hockey. The video shows us that he is a person with great values that prefers having control of the things he can do, than to gain a large amount of money, so as to be a man that took the risk of becoming an entrepreneur so he can manage his own life to be a good father and a good husband.

He is a man that gained knowledge and experience working for a big company, and then he went by himself to make a better product for his own and succeed. Todd McFarlane demonstrates the optimistic man he is. He talks about how the idea of failure was not a thing he thought about when he started his business company. We can see on this video that he also likes to do products with the highest quality rather than to do a bad one.

The video uses the dynamic business environment elements to analyze the growth of McFarlane companies. One of those is the technological environment, in which Todd McFarlane thinks that the key of using technology is to use it to impulse the creativity of a person. Another element is the social environment, in which for him is important the manner of how he employees the web to interact with the demographic environment he works to.

The last element is the global environment; in this area he said that the most important thing is to how you front the adversities in the global market. With all this that the video shows us, I believe that the thing that made him a very famous and one of the most important artists on the global industry is the way he manage things, how he has confronted the adversities on his career and the way he has done things, always planned and with a good organization of his business. ———————– 1