Torrent radio, and newspapers. Floods impact on both

Torrent is a one strong stream of water that may
occur from overflow of water from other water sources like river, lake and
ocean causing the water to escape from its boundaries. It occurs normally from
enormous rainfall when the place where the water gathered does not have a
capacity for more rainfall. The main objective of this research is to know the
action that have been taken by government and any responsible agencies pre,
during and post flood disaster. Besides, this research is also want to know the
history of flood in Malaysia.

Based on the research, floods have been occurred in
Malaysia in 1971 until now. We all cannot to eliminate the flood but we can
reduce it. Government and NGO have taken responsibilities to manage and
mitigate the flood by improving the drainage system in Malaysia. Government has
provided some cost to help flood victims and they also established the Natural Disaster Management and Relief
Committee (NDMRC) to reduce flood damage and to prevent loss of human life. The
media social has advertised about the danger of flood to the people through television, radio, and

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Floods impact on both individuals and
communities, and have social, economic, and environmental consequences. The
consequences of floods, both negative and positive, vary greatly depending on
their location, duration, depth and speed, as well as the vulnerability and
value of the affected natural and constructed environments. Floods impact both
individuals and communities, and have social, economic, and environmental

flood risk depends on a combination of components comprising hazard and
vulnerability. It underlines the combination of natural and human factors that
create flood risks. Flood management measures have to be planned across
administrative and sector boundaries. Institutionalized links between concerned
authorities facilitate cooperative planning. Successful urban flood risk
management is obtained if structural and non-structural measures are
implemented. The implementation of multiple purpose measures enables
municipalities to achieve multiple goals such as flood mitigation, water
supply, space for recreational activities, groundwater recharge and improvement
of urban environment. Monitoring and evaluation of implemented measures enable
the identification of best practices under the specific circumstances and help
to constantly improve flood risk management plans. Community participation in
flood risk assessment as well as in planning and implementation of risk
management measures is a key for the success of flood risk management plans.