Tough Love: a Persuasive on the Prince Essay

Feared leaders can preserve justice in their country. Machiavelli declared, “… Hannibal…

Having an immense army, which included men of many different races and nations, and which he led to battle in distant countries, he ever allowed them to fight among themselves or to rise against him, whether his fortune was good or bad. The reason for this could only be his inhuman cruelty, which, along with his countless other talents… Without the cruelty, his other qualities would never have sufficed” (46-47).This leader used forms of cruelty to instill a feeling of fear in his people.

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His people lived in apprehension of all injustice to avoid penalty many times defined as death. People will be less likely to act out against or try to over throw their leader if they are afraid of him. Above all, one will be able to effectively maintain control over his people and arioso other countries. The people will follow their leader in whatever situation takes place.However, if the people loved their leader, they would not feel guilt or remorse in disobeying their leader; therefore he does not have a complete control over his people. This could result in chaos. Armies who fear their leader will do what the leader feels is necessary or called for, in order to avoid crossing him.

Similarly to what is said of his people, other countries would not attack or try to overthrow the leader. Countries would rather ally with a feared country or leader, because of this weaker countries hat ally with the leader could than fall under control of the leader.