Tourism Hospitality and Events Essay

H. E. As a result, it help manager make decision and take full advantage of industries.

Tourism, Hospitality and event industries developed rapidly in 20th century, all of them connect by travel. In other word, tourist chose hospitality to have a relax when they out Of home, and some tourist travel because events. Market of travel affect tourism, hospitality and events industries development.

This essay focus on definition of T. H . E, and discuss their interrelated.The service industry, including the T. H.

E was named the tertiary industry by Fisher, A. G. B (1935). Keywords: Hospitality, Tourism, Event and Relationship The definition of Tourism The European Union 1 995 Green paper on tourism remarked tourism as in other parts of the developed and developing word: More than a matter of habit or a heterogeneous set of economic activities, tourism has become, within less than a century, a determining factor in the life of millions of people.Tourism changes with the improvement in living and working conditions and is simultaneously an essential element of this improvement and a result of it (commission of the SEC, 1 995) Nowadays, more and more people chose travel away from home as a relax way to release pressure from work.

Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, as a tourism worker should profound understand the principles within tourism industry.In one respect Golden and Ritchie (2012) consider tourism in purpose and aim, they raised the tourist’s purpose is experience multiple physical and psychic experiences. The characteristic of these will influence tourist chose the destinations and enjoy activities. In another respect tourism is related people to countries and places far from their usual living environment, and this is a fundamental social and cultural phenomenon. And these people are called visitors or traveler. A traveler for NY purpose who moves between different locations.

Let us change to the definition which is recognized around the world provide at 1 980 manila Declaration on World Tourism (WTFO, 1980) State that tourism is a massive interaction of people in nature, it is requiring a wide range of services and facilities and inputs is also important for a industry. In summary, tourism is temporary movement of people who leave far from home or work and then chose a destinations The definition of Hospitality Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary describes hospitality as an organization offer harmonious and bountiful behavior for visitors, includes DOD, drinks or services to customers or guests.This definition introduce the fundamental feature and basal services for customers. The hospitality industry has been built up after world war and become internationalization (Mounting, 2000), it means hospitality has evolved in the postwar age and become consolidation.

In another word, hospitality industry is entering a period of stable development. Brayer (1995) describes hospitality as a cover many different organization that offer food and relax space for customers, Brayer consider hospitality as a supplier about food and accommodation, doodads always use B&B to show this characteristic as a hotel.It is noticed that bed and breakfast is the fundamental service of a hotel. And there is a slimier definition of hospitality provide by Pended and Sharply (2005), they theorized hospitality is composed of two basic services about providing bed and relax space for people who are away from home to have leisure and business time, another service is providing food for people who eat out of home.King (1995) identifies hospitality in a very difference way between the private and commercial hospitality, first one is defined as the activities of individuals for other individuals in a private property, but second one, the commercial hospitality, consists of food, drinks, accommodation and entertainment rand these service offered for profit. The definition of Events Events are an important motivator of tourist chose destination, and are an important part of tourism (Get, 2007).

Motivation is an important part of tourism, it influence tourist chose the destination.As a result events as an important motivator of tourism, means tourism industry partially rely on event and events improve the development of tourism. Since the sass the vent industry has seen unprecedented growth in the number of festivals and events that are staged (Brown, 2014). Furthermore, modern events include meetings, incentives, conferencing, exhibitions and other collective activities, in another word events refer in specific place, time and space, more than one people stay together for a collective activity Interrelated nature oft. H.

E This part will be divided to four parts: Firstly, tourism related to hospitality and event; secondly hospitality rely on tourism and event industry; thirdly events affect tourism and hospitality development; finally, to sum up the interrelated nature of T. H. E. The interrelated is a peculiarly important part of T.

H. E study, because of the relationship of tourism, hospitality’ and events is especially closely linked. In this essay, hold some simply example to explain the relationship between T. H.

E and certify how three part to be linked together by way of example.At first, we discuss tourism related to hospitality and event. For example tourism development base on the fundamental facility, because tourist satisfaction is affected by local environment, recreational facilities and infrastructure. Hospitality industry as an important part of tourism infrastructures affect tourist satisfaction deeply, tourist travel far from hometown need a relax space and the warm like home.

As well know tourist satisfaction is a very important to evaluate local tourism. Bad facilities generate tourism industry stagnantly.The example shows that tourism rely on the others mind sutures development degree, tourism not only get promotion from developed hospitality and events industries, but also will be restricted by backward development degree of hospitality and events Secondly, hospitality, particularly hotels, rely on the local tourism industry and events market. To put it simply, hotel’s target market not focus on local residents, because local people have their own property in this area. Only tourist from others area will book hotel and get a personal space to have a rest.

It’s means hotel need establish on a developed tourist area to appeal people travel to this place. Hawk,D(1983) pointed the early hospitality industry in the world Romans built about 10,000 inns stocked with food and beverage 25 miles apart to aid Roman officials as they traveled throughout the empire. As well know, hospitality industry always flourishing in tourism city, and hotel could UN better in a city which has more tourist. Tourism and events industries could attract tourist come and consume in this area then promote hospitality industry Hotel have to been built in a city which have more floating population.Tourism can be recognized as long as people have traveled Take Dublin for example, Dublin is not a historic and natural city, it means Dublin not have many scenic spots, but Dublin attract more than 10,000,000 tourist to have fun in this city. As a result, Dublin is a most popular tourism city in this world. All of this because Dublin have most developed T.

H. E industries, capitalist rely on Dublin hold plenty events and tourism festival, and tourism industry rely on developed hospitality and events industry.The famous hotels, Burial-Arab Hotel and Atlantis Hotel, they are not only a hotel, but also a famous tourism destination in the world. Hospitality industry in Dublin rely on the developed tourism industry and the considerable events, it shows hospitality could get an excellent develop in a artificial city not only the natural scenery area and historic place. Then, events affect tourism and hospitality by attract local residents and tourist. For example, once refer to gig events, the first word come into peoples mind is ‘Olympic’.Olympic game is a famous mega events of world, every four years numerous tourist into one city to celebrate this considerable festival.

Take Beijing Olympics for example, Beijing Olympics brought tourists and 382,000 foreign tourists to Beijing. Almost tourists need book hotel to have a rest, and most hotel will get a better income during Olympic time. Furthermore hotel in Beijing is run in a better environment because of more events are held in Beijing than the other city in China. In this way, hospitality industry have been promoted by events industry base on tourist always be attracted to a new city by interested events.

Take concert for example, Concert is a special events for hospitality, because of concert always appeal many fans of holder and the concert always finish after 10 P. M. As a result many participants miss the last bus or train to home, a part of people have to book hotel for one night, to some extent concert will promote hospitality industry nearly. Summary, the interrelated nature of T. H.

E is full of each industry, each section affect each other at same time. In other word each section not only promote others industries but also strict the rest of industries development.