Toursim Marketing Essay

Marketing is the most critical component of all business plans. Marketing is the process of examining the wants and needs of others and then satisfying those needs with products and/or services. A popular slogan that describes marketing is “Find a need and fill it.

” This module will cover the basic 4 P’s of marketing, as well as a section on the 8 P’s of Tourism marketing. The establishment and development of new industry require entrepreneurial vision and skills to identify innovative business opportunities and stimulate demand for them.Three factors distinguish tourism from other major industries.

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The two considered are discretionary nature of tourism purchases and its characteristics as a service industry: together these present special challenges in marketing tourism. The third factor is the impacts of tourism on destination areas and communities. Marketing consist of 4Ps which are product, Price, Promotion and place. The 4 P’s of marketing still apply to tourism related businesses, but there are other considerations for increasing business/marketing success.Tourism marketing employs the 8 P’s of Tourism Marketing, the original 4 P’s plus four more : People tourism marketing requires people highly trained in customer service, problem solving, and communication skills – What training or capacity building activities are required. Packaging refers to the entire tourism experience planned for place. Programming refers to specific tourism related activities. Partnership is a reality for most tourism specific businesses.

Partnerships with airlines, bus companies, tour providers, travel agents, etc. are a key success factor in the tourism industry.The Target Market not everyone is looking for the same thing in a destination and therefore country cannot meet the needs of everyone. Consider the destination and select a target audience that would be best suited for the destination (type of traveler). Target audiences should be considered based on a variety of attributes such as location of travel, income level, demographics, cultural characteristics, interest and lifestyle. The key to marketing is to convince people they want to travel to a destination identify push and pull factors and use these to promote the destination.Easy way to get attention in the marketplace often combine key factors for the consumer (transportation, accommodation, attractions) this benefits both the traveler and the tourism industry members widens the exposure and consumer base.

Key strategies in marketing a tourism destination are: Establish and operate a high quality Oman VIC. Undertake a range of destination marketing activities targeting specific markets. Establish, attract and facilitate sporting, recreational, cultural and other major events. Attract major conference and business events.

Develop new and enhance existing tourism product and infrastructure. ?Engage with industry and assist in its development. ?Undertake research and analysis.

The effective implementation of the strategy will ensure that tourism will contribute to economic growth and development is strategic, focused and delivers real outcomes for the long term benefit of the community. The local tourism industry will be the major focus, and opportunities for development of destination marketing partnerships local tourism organisations will be pursued where specific opportunities exist.This strategy has been developed giving consideration to: The competitive tourism marketplace. ?National domestic tourism trends and forecasts. Local data and statistical information. ?Existing markets of strength. The depth and breadth of Oman tourism product ?Existing tourism infrastructure and services ?Challenges and opportunities facing the tourism industry. ?Existing strengths and weakness.

?Recent developments in the structure of regional industry. ?Relevant State and National tourism strategies.Tourism products: Tourism products are most important element for the tourism elements of the marketing mix.

So that were it not for the presence of the site or the hotel and the rest of sub-particles associated with the commodity and service mix Whereas there is an urgent need and wide to develop and implement strategies linked to state tourism product prices and methods of distribution and promotion methods. * Specifications of Tourism product: 1- The inability to produce the tourism product in advance – The tourism product and saturation means that there is a range of needs and desires may satisfy at the same time. 3- Value of vital services and facilities. 4- Rely on word of mouth. 5- Tourist Guide.* Marketing characteristics of the tourism product: 1- Multiplicity of elements and component parts of the tourism product.

2- The human element. 3- Original tourism product as the place. 4- Development and maintenance and providing more services and tourist facilities. 5- Services associated with the tourism product. * Components of the tourism product: – Symbolically reflected by the tourist site. 2- Physically tangible and associated splendor of the place or tourist site. 3- Formally complementary and ancillary services for the marketing mix for a tourist place.

Pricing: Price represents the variable element in the marketing mix of tourism; because it can be change and structured reasonable for each element of the tourism mix. Consequently, the variation of price up and down is what should be considered by the various departments of the institutions offering tourism products and associated services.In general, this element is the most important elements that attract tourists from certain areas and to achieve the most benefits out of tourism, tourism services providers should understand the possibility of changing or modification in the prices of products that offered to tourist because this will attract attention of potential tourists who are still in the thinking stage for a tourist trip. * The objectives of reasonable pricing of tourism product: 1- Survive 2- Achieve continuous revenue. 3- Achieve reasonable profit margins.

4- Achieve a reasonable return on investment. * Factors affecting the tourism product pricing – The actual costs of the tourism product. 2- Government legislation and regulations.

3- Economic and purchasing power for tourists. 4- The impact of economic conditions on tourism. Promotion: Represents a strategy to promote tourism products and an effective tool for the transfer of ideas and benefits by tourists targeted by circumstances and appropriate times for them It is also known that the tourism product consists of a combination of integrated services, which must be promoted by using acceptable and desirable tool for consumers or target users. It also aims to deliver a number of benefits that already exist in the tourism roduct and prices acceptance by consumers or users and will enhance mental picture of the quality of tour organizer.* Objectives of Tourism Promotion: 1- Definition of distribution outlets and intermediaries. 2- Attempt to influence the perceptions.

3- Convince potential tourists in target markets. 4- Achieve significant increases in demand. * Means of tourism promotion: 1- Domestic and external advertising 2- Brochures and tourist publications 3- Tourism promotional materials 4- MICE tourism 5- Personal selling tourist 6- Public relations and boosting tourism * Strategic management of tourism promotion – Clarity tasks. 2 – Realistic goals that needs to be done.

3 – Portability goals for the measurement and evaluation. 4 – Complementarities of the various components of the mixture. * Tourism promotion budget 1 – Allocate an annual sum to promote tourism. 2 – Allocate an amount as a percentage of current revenues for tourism. 3 – Customize amounts equal to the neighboring state. Marketing The Ministry of Tourism’s marketing strategy aims to promote Oman internationally as a quality destination for responsible tourists and, in doing so, to spread of tourism benefits across the Sultanate of Oman.The Ministry’s portfolio of marketing activities adds to wide ranging government programs that showcase Oman as a preferred location for business, trade, tourism and living. Leading the implementation of Oman’s National Brand Mark, our marketing focus is to position Oman as a quality destination for an authentic Arabian visitor experience.

Culture, heritage, nature and adventure feature in our promotions, with our call to action being: Beauty has an address ~ Oman Our call to action is used to convey the message: there are moments in Oman that make you realize beauty has an address.This includes tangible and intangible visitor experiences from world class scenery to the sparkle of meeting enchanting people. As a guide to our activities, the Ministry’s marketing and promotional activities span: * Awareness campaigns to the travel trade and consumers. The Ministry will launch a global awareness campaign in late 2011. * Trade and consumer educational and tactical campaigns in concert with Oman Air, Oman’s hotels and tour companies. * Events marketing and promotions – including regional and national events * E-Marketing using the Ministry’s portal as well as online travel agents, and campaigns hosted by our trade partners. Airline marketing – through partnership programs with Oman Air and selected airlines.

* Travel trade and consumer shows and exhibitions- including exhibition coordination for Omani hotels, tour companies and tourism service providers. * Regional tourism marketing and promotion– with Governorates and event organisers * Schools’ programs on the value of tourism. Our international activities are managed through representative offices in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Russia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), India and Australia see more.The resources allocated to these offices are generally proportional to their respective market size and potential.

The Ministry is also increasing domestic tourism promotions and associated major events including the Muscat Festival (January to February) and the Salalah Tourism Festival (July to August). Originality and innovation are important elements of the Ministry’s marketing strategy. Accordingly, the Ministry’s Marketing and Promotions Division welcomes suggestions and proposals on how to improve marketing outcomes for the Sultanate.