Traffic jam Essay

Nowadays, the development of the world population leads to the rapid increase of in vehicles. Because of this, it arises a lot of serious problems like traffic jams. The basic reasons for it are infrastructure and people’s bad awareness; , and this issue not only influences people’s health but wastes time and money also. The significant reason brings to the traffic congestion is infrastructure. Many streets are being mended and improved slowly; therefore, it cannot catch up with people’s travel demands.

Moreover, a lot of roads are too narrow or in bad conditions to move easily and traffic lights are in disorder as well. Another trouble is people’s bad consciousness. Some people do not obey the traffic laws seriously; even they break them. For example, someone cross the street without observation, or do not follow the right street’s line. In addition, some people drop rubbish indiscriminately in the middle of the streets, which add to the risk of accidents and narrow the area of the roads. From two causes of traffic jams, it has a lot of serious effects on people’s health, time and money.

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The most negative effect of traffic jams is people’s health problem. The vehicles cause make the air polluted so it make , which results in a lot of dangerous diseases like cough and lung cancer. In some cases, people will feel tired, uncomfortable and even they can be dizzied when to getting a stuck in traffic. Moreover, traffic congestion causes the strong psychology testiness? for people and influence another workstheir work . Apart from that, wasting time and money are theis also consequences of traffic jams.

People have to wait for a long time in traffic congestion that makes people them late for everything. More important, when traffic jams happen, the vehicle’s engines must work more that not only waste much fuel but also create the air pollution. In short, people have to face a lot of disadvantages above when to getgetting traffic congestion. This is because of the bad traffic system, and people’s poor awareness. Therefore, do not be selfish for people’s individual benefit, which is the good way to reduce traffic jams.