Traffic Jam Problem Essay

From day to day, Phnom Phen have a lot of cars and motors which cause traffic jam in Phnom Phen . People who live in Phnom Phen never like traffic and they said that “why traffic jam in Phnom Phen is increasing” . First, Phnom Phen have a lot of people who move to live every year . As a simple instance, Phnom Phen have several work for Cambodian , like garment worker , seller or instruction worker … . In the other hand, every year it has students who graduate high school,they will study at university , so they are a lot .Sometimes, traffic jam is caused by people in Phnom Phen because they really like use their own transportation which increasing Everyday . For example , a person have a motor or a cars but in Phnom Phen have 1.

0 million people ( people who can use motors or cars ) , it is a lot . Other reason, it cause trucks and some buses that it is very big and need a big space for them. When it is driven , make traffic jam and sometimes it can make accident , is not until people die that it is dangerous .Last one, because of seller in front of market or at their home, they use road for selling, especially, they need road for park … . So traffic in Phnom Phen is not well and have an accident for Cambodian live in.

For me, I want to change traffic in Phnom Phen ,but we should reduce some motors and cars , and after that we shouldn’t use roads for selling or parking lot . In addition, the government in Cambodia should take action or make status for transportation ( trucks and buses ) . I’m very happy when we can do that .