Transformational Leadership and Team Performance Essay

Transformational leadership and team performance As the globalization in the marketplace, frenzies pace of product/service development have increase in term of competitiveness among organization and the task is proved too complex and time-consuming for individual completion. Due to that, organizations have increased their reliance on team. Team performance is collective work that has a generalized framework whereby it includes inputs, processes and outcome. Basically, transformational leadership can impact teamwork processes in various ways.

Essentially, seven primary categories of propositions or teamwork process principles have been addressed from this paper: P1. cohesion will positively predict team performance Cohesion can be explained by the presenting of the degree of involvement of each of the motivated members from the team. A high cohesive team has less absenteeism, satisfaction, better teamwork and member coordination. This would eventually increase in the productivity, member relationship and interaction. P2.

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Open and prompt team communication will positively predict team performance Factors such as increased listening, openness to suggestions, and prompt, relevant feedback are communication-based indicators of effective team functioning (Dyer, 1987). P3. Positive team conflict management actions will positively predict team performance In some circumstances, conflict happens in a positive way can be good enough in awakening member to alternative points of view. Also, people might stimulate their creativity brain cell to solve the current problem to reduce the conflict.

P4. Creation of shared vision will positively impact team cohesion, and will partially mediate relationship of idealized influence/inspirational motivation leadership with team performance. P5. Commitment of leader will positively impact team cohesion, and will partially mediate relationship of idealized influence/inspirational motivation leadership with team performance. P6. A leader empowerment will positively impact team communication, and will partially mediate relationship of individually considerate leadership with team performance P7.

A leader’s creation of functional conflict will positively impact team conflict management and will partially mediate the relationship of intellectually stimulating leadership with team performance. According to some literatures have stated 3 factors : idealized influence/inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation and individualized consideration (Avolio and Yammarino, 2002; Avolio et al. , 1999; Bass, 1988; Bycio et al. , 1995) that comprise in the impaction of transformational leadership on team performance.

For example, a leader has involved in rapport building and empathetic language can cause two or more member increase in cohesion and in turn, effect on team performance. Sometime, a leader with high individualized consideration action may provide the sense-of-belonging to his/her subordinate and turn out, serve to create a supportive, empowered team environment. Empirically, there is still having several limitations to this model (7 proposition that subsequently effecting another). For instance, some other factors such as team censuses and decision making could also underline the effective teamwork and its impact on team performance too.

Next, lacking of research-oriented issues (empirical/substantive issues) and generalizability issues is another concern to this paper. On the other side, a team might build up from a vast diversity of members in which could affect team functioning, decision-making and also cohesion. Shelley, D. D. , Francis, J. Y. , Leanne, E. A. , & William, D. S. (2004). Transformational leadership and team performance. Journal of Organizational Change Management, 17(2), 177-193. Retrieved from http://search. proquest. com/docview/197608780? accountid=50207