Transportation Paper Essay

Every clip I go to watch a telecasting I ever heard a batch of intelligence about traffic congestion or traffic accidents. Particularly when I go to watch foreign channels. most of the clip the intelligence was about traffic incidents or super heavy traffic. But there’s a batch of difference about the transit in the US to other states. For illustration in the Philippines. it is common on their mundane lives to hold the state of affairs like this as they go out on their house they are anticipating for a heavy traffic on their manner. But in the US it is non common. I mean non all the clip traffic is present in the US. There is merely traffic if there’s a particular event or sometimes because of the unpredictable accident happened in the route.

Some topographic points in the Philippines have ever traffic non because of particular events or unpredictable accident but because of the route itself. For illustration some roads in the Philippines were non good constructed and so it causes heavy traffic sometimes a great accident. While in the US route is non a job. really all roads are well-constructed. full cement and consecutive roads. So it can’t cause any injury to the travellers or to any autos as good. But still even though the roads in the US were like these. it seems accident still present and job to Americans. It’s non merely about the traffic congestion in the states ; there are still a batch of jobs.

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Some of these were the signifier of transit itself. One of the biggest factors of transit is the figure of autos in a given topographic point. Another great factors are the undermentioned manner. street or any sort of thoroughfares. A certain hi-way can suit a certain figure of autos. For illustration there’s a hi-way that can suit merely 300. 000-400. 000 autos a twenty-four hours.

But every clip there’s a particular event people were full blast. for illustration if they want to hold a holiday. an excursion or any private household activities they prefer. And so with these affair roads can’t accommodate that figure of autos and so traffic congestion occurs. In the US there’s no large job comparison to the Philippines. It is because roads in US were so large and broad that can suit a big figure of autos there or possibly I can state about half the Numberss of autos at that place. Compare to the Philippines. roads can suit merely a really limited figure of autos a twenty-four hours and so traffic congestion occurs on a regular basis.

Another large factor in the transit is the subject of the autos drivers or proprietor. Those drivers and proprietor of a auto in the US were every bit subject as they could. You can see it on intelligence or possibly in some newspapers. And we can detect this besides on our mundane lives. You can see that if there’s job or traffic congestion in US. you can detect that autos were on their proper line. They do obey roads and traffic regulations or something like that.

While in the Philippines if we will travel to detect the procedure of their transit. particularly with this sort of job. You will see that most of the drivers don’t have a subject. If there’s traffic accident or traffic congestion. autos are non on their proper place or lines. Some are traveling this manner some on that manner. One thing is of import for all the drivers and for some draw a bead oning drivers in US or in the Philippines.

Discipline is what I’m speaking about. Discipline is the most of import thing to hold for all the drivers. After this is the accomplishment you have in driving. Of class it’s still of import. Discipline in driving won’t work without the ability to drive. Followed by of class honestness in following regulations and ordinances in the roads. Some route regulations or traffic regulations or something like that. Whatever it is. drivers need to obey this. Without all these solution we still can’t prevent traffic congestion or something like these. Another thing for all the drivers in the Philippines don’t bury to be careful in your drive. One twenty-four hours I heard intelligence about this job about drive after being rummy.

It causes a batch of job on that given topographic point. Not merely for the driver himself but more to others. And so accident is more prone to that sort of topographic point because drivers don’t took any attention on their drive. In the same affair I don’t hear a batch of things or job like this in the US. Well possibly I think possibly it’s because many people in the US were so busy and no clip for some parties or something like this.

But even with this state of affairs in the US still be cognizant Americans non to go on this in the US. Well for your ain interest and for others every bit good. Well to sum up all on this essay possibly we can now forestall traffic congestions on our ain state. US. Philippines or what state are you. Of class foremost we need to be subject. Besides we need to be adept in this sort of Profession-driving. We need to obey regulations and ordinances in the route. And of class we need to be honest in that affair. And in conclusion we need to be really careful in our drive. and in add-on to this we need to be responsible in our action.

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